7 September 2017A Banquet Without Wine

Anthony Stanley’s account of how Liverpool fell from their perch in the 90s is truly excellent. More

27 June 2017Review of Liverpool's Newspaper history

Historic Newspapers is a back-issue newspaper company that holds the world’s largest archive of original newspapers. More

9 June 2017Review of Quiet Genius

The question is what Ian Herbert, who is the Independent's chief sportswriter and former deputy editor of the Liverpool Daily Post, can add to Bob Paisley's legacy. More

13 May 2017Terry lives for the moment

A review of Terry McDermott's autobiography. More

27 October 20165 league titles and a packet of crisps

As soon as I got word that Mark Donaldson at ESPN was writing his colleague’s memoir named appropriately "5 league titles and a packet of crisps," I was very excited to see the finished product, More

11 September 2016A Big Pole in Our Goal

The story of THE HERO of Istanbul. More

30 August 2016Ring of Fire - Liverpool FC into the 21st Century

Simon Hughes' latest publication in his trilogy of the modern history of Liverpool Football Club. More

3 June 2016And The Sun Shines Now by Adrian Tempany

Many might perceive this to be “just another Hillsborough book”. But it is more than that. Much more More

27 October 2015Steven Gerrard - My Story

Ghost writer Donald McRae and Steven Gerrard had 15 weeks to assemble this publication which is simply ridiculous. More

18 October 2015This is Anfield

‘The very word ‘Anfield’ means more to me than I can describe.’ - Bill Shankly. More

27 August 2015Supersub

The review of Supersub, the story of local hero David Fairclough who is still remembered for his achievements in a red shirt. More

17 August 2015Walshy - Wouldn't It Be Good

Paul Walsh has just released his autobiography that is in turn entertaining and shocking. More

24 April 2015Men In White Suits: Liverpool FC in the 1990s

Artists usually try to follow up initial success with something similar or something better. More

3 December 2014Liverpool Cult Heroes

Chris Wood reviews Liverpool Cult Heroes More

25 November 2014Got, Not Got: The Lost World of Liverpool

Chris Wood reviews Got, Not Got : The Lost World of Liverpool More

17 November 2014The Official Liverpool FC Illustrated History

Chris Wood reviews The Official Liverpool FC Illustrated History More

14 November 2014Luis Suarez: The World’s Most Controversial Footballer

Chris Wood reviews Luis Suarez The Biography of the World’s most Controversial Footballer More

4 November 2014Hard Case

Chris Wood reviews Hard Case: The Autobiography of Jimmy Case More

2 October 2014Places I Remember

Chris Wood reviews Places I Remember - Liverpool F.C. European Adventures as told by the Fans More

3 September 2014The Cannonball Kid

Chris Wood reviews James Corbett's new book. More

27 August 2014Make Us Dream: The Story of Liverpool's 2013/14 Season

Chris Wood reviews Make Us Dream: The Story of Liverpool's 2013/14 Season More

5 August 2014We Go Again - The Story of the 2013-14 Season

Our very own, Chris Wood, reviews Dave Usher's new book More

3 June 2014I don't know what it is but I love it: Liverpool's Unforgettable 1983-84 Season

Our very own, Chris Wood, reviews Tony Evans' new book. More

29 November 2013Anatomy of Liverpool

Chris Wood approached The Anatomy of Liverpool with a certain amount of trepidation, despite knowing that Mister Wilson is recognised as being one of the finest sports-writers of our time. More

20 November 2013The Official Treasures of Liverpool FC

Our very own, Chris Wood, reviews a recently updated book, "The Official Treasures of Liverpool FC". More

18 November 2013Red All Over The World

Our very own, Chris Wood, reviews Steve Horton's new book, "Red All Over The World: Liverpool FC on Tour." More

14 November 2013Red Machine

Our very own, Chris Wood, reviews Simon Hughes' new book, "Red Machine: Liverpool FC in the 1980s". More

3 October 2013Ex-Reds Remembered

Chris Wood shares his opinion on the new book by Steven Speed. More

18 September 2013These Turbulent Times - Review

Chris Wood shares his opinion on the new book by Paul Tomkins (and various authors) More

1 August 2013Red or Dead

Chris Wood shares his opinion on the latest Shankly book by David Peace More

19 July 2013Like I Say: The Story of the 2012-13 season

Chris Wood shares his opinion on Dave Usher's new book. More

11 June 2013Craig Bellamy: GoodFella

Chris Wood shares his opinion on the new Craig Bellamy book More

20 March 2013Shankly: The Lost Diary

Chris Wood shares his opinion on the new Shankly book. More

18 March 2013Liverpool FC Match By Match

Chris Wood shares his opinion on Liverpool FC Match By Match More

28 December 2012ROBBED - The Rob Jones Story

Chris Wood shares his opinion on Rob Jones' autobiography. More

16 October 2012Steven Gerrard: My Liverpool Story

Chris Wood's review of "Steven Gerrard : My Liverpool Story". More

9 October 2012Rafa Benitez: Champions League Dreams

Chris Wood's review of "Champions League Dreams : Rafa Benitez" written in conjunction with Rory Smith. More

4 October 2012The Seven-Year Itch: The Story Of Liverpool’s 1972-73 Season

Chris Wood's review of Steve Horton's book about Liverpool's 1972-73 First Division Championship and UEFA Cup triumph. More

30 July 2012The King's Last Stand

Chris Wood's review of "The King’s Last Stand: The Final March With Kenny’s Army" by David Usher. More

15 May 2012Gary Ablett: The Game of My Life

In essence this is a happy story because Gary Ablett was able to play football at a high level for many years. But it is not a story with a happy ending. More

1 February 2012Dominic Matteo: In my Defence

Matteo's story is an interesting one where he has opened his heart and spoken very honestly about what he has achieved and, just as importantly, what he learnt from battling with the negative influences that surround the game. More

25 January 2012The Didi Man: My Love Affair with Liverpool

This book will make you laugh and occasionally cry (apart from crying with laughter, that is!) but above everything else it will make you glad that you read it as it's filled with warmth and happiness. More

6 January 2012On the March with Kenny's Army

Co-author Gary Shaw co-wrote “At The End Of The Storm”, which told the story of Liverpool winning the first championship after WWII. So he knew exactly how to approach a project like this. More

27 November 2011The Team of All the Macs

Alan Wilson’s “Team Of All The Macs” concentrates on the deliberate recruitment of Scottish players as the fledging Liverpool Football Club attempted to make an immediate impact. More

1 November 2011Pepe: My Autobiography

A ‘good’ footballer might have an autobiography published after his career is over; a ‘great’ like Gerrard can get away with it while they are still playing and Royalty like Kenny Dalglish can publish a book any time they please. We can comfortably put José Manuel Reina into the second category. More

1 November 2011All On Red

A review of “All On Red” (10 Years At Anfield : A Liverpool Fan’s Dream Job) by Frank Gamble. More

31 August 2011Joe Fagan: Reluctant Champion

New book on Joe Fagan relies on the meticulous notes Joe maintained and the painstaking way his grandson Andrew and respected LFC author Mark Platt have pieced together the jigsaw of his remarkable life. More

22 December 2009Anfield of Dreams

A book review of Neil Dunkin's "Anfield of Dreams" was nominated for the Best New Writer award at last year's British Sports Book awards. More

30 November 2009Wark On

John Wark's name, reputation and career command respect. This book is a fascinating summary of an outstanding club career with Ipswich Town, Liverpool and Middlesbrough. More

26 October 2009Dicky Sams: Liverpool FC in blue and white

Norwegian Kjell Hanssen has meticulously gone through old newspaper archives and come up with a fascinating diary of the first five years of Liverpool Football Club's existence. More

14 October 2009The Irish Kop

The Irish Kop is a tribute from the heart of Anfield to those amazing fans who go to incredible lengths to follow Liverpool FC. More

25 September 2009Geoff Twentyman: Secret Diary of a Liverpool Scout

For any Liverpool supporter with an interest in the club's rich history, this is one of those "must-read" books! More