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Ray Houghton

Hurtful rejections shaped Houghton's early club and international career. West Ham let him go after only one game and u-18 Scotland manager Andy Roxburgh said he wasn't good enough for Scotland. Houghton went on to star for Ireland, as his father was born in Donegal. Houghton was born in Glasgow but moved to London when he was ten. Houghton had a monumental international career with a strong Irish side. He scored two of the most important goals in the Irish national team's history. He grabbed the winner in the sixth minute in the opening game…

Birthdate: 9 January 1962
Birthplace: Glasgow, Scotland
Other clubs: West Ham United (1979-82), Fulham (1982-85), Oxford United (1985-87), Aston Villa (1992-95), Crystal Palace (1995-97), Reading (1997-99), Stevenage Borough (1999-2000)
Bought from: Oxford United
Signed for LFC: £825,000, 18.10.1987
Liverpool debut: 24.10.1987
Last appearance: 09.05.1992
Debut goal: 04.11.1987
Last goal: 26.02.1992
Contract expiry: 27.07.1992
Honours: League Championship 1987/88, 1989/90; FA Cup 1989, 1992
League games / goals / assists: 153 / 28 / 29
Total games / goals / assists: 202 / 38 / 39
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Season League FA LC Europe Other Total
Totals 153 27 14 4 4 202
1987-1988 28 7 0 0 0 35
1988-1989 38 5 6 0 3 52
1989-1990 19 4 2 0 0 25
1990-1991 32 3 3 0 1 39
1991-1992 36 8 3 4 0 51
Season League FA LC Europe Other Total
Totals 28 4 3 2 1 38
1987-1988 5 2 0 0 0 7
1988-1989 7 0 0 0 1 8
1989-1990 1 0 0 0 0 1
1990-1991 7 1 2 0 0 10
1991-1992 8 1 1 2 0 12

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Kop Quote

Liverpool Football Echo report on Liverpool's first League game vs Higher Walton on 3rd September 1892

"The start of this game was fixed for 3.15, but it was half past three before the Liverpool players turned out. There was a miserable array of empty benches, not more than 200 spectators being present, the ground presenting a striking contrast to the opening Saturday of last season. The visitors were late in putting in an appearance, it being four o' clock when the first of the players reached the ground. In the absence of Miller, McVean took the centre position on the home side. The Liverpool captain won the toss, and McVean kicked off in the Anfield-road direction. Law breaking up the first attempt of the home forwards when Parker made tracks, but was successfully tackled by McLean. Good work by the Liverpool forwards threatened danger to the visitors, but a couple of corner kicks were the only result."

The visitors showed good defence against home attack, but after a good shot from Pearson Smith sent in a scoring shot a quarter of an hour from the start. From the centre the Walton players worked smartly up, Flintoff having a shie at Ross's charge, but the home side were soon again attacking. Kelvin and McVean putting in some very good work. Addison had a handful from McLean and Smith shot over the bar, the Liverpool players continuing to have all the best of the game. When Addison had been grounded by Smith, McBride shot in hard, and a second goal resulted. Up to this point Ross had not been called upon, Hannah and McLean staving off every attack. McVean added a third point, and Cameron a fourth, the Preston team being outplayed at every point. Half-time: - Liverpool 5 goals, Higher Walton nil.

Facing about, Liverpool at once attacked, but were unable to get home, the result of some neat passing being a goalkick from Addison. McQue, who just before the close of the first half scored the fifth goal for the home side, put in some splendid work as centre half, and was ably seconded by McBride and Pearson, the front rank having every chance of scoring, but having several of their efforts spoiled by the wind. A determined rush by Cameron and McVean ended in the defeat of Addison, who was beaten after twice saving his charge. Excellent play was now shown by the Liverpool forwards, Wyllie being conspicuous with several plucky runs and grand shots for the goal, and the work of the whole team showed that they were worthy to meet opponents of a higher calibre. McQue lowered the Walton colours for the seventh time, and the Liverpudlians taking matters easy, ran out easy winners, the score of the finish being: - Final result. - Liverpool 8 goals, Higher Walton nil.

The last ...

Game was against
Manchester United on Sunday, 17 Jan 2021
Goal was scored by
Mohamed Salah against Aston Villa on Friday, 08 Jan 2021
Own goal was scored by
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain against Manchester City on Thursday, 02 Jul 2020
Sending off was
Alisson Becker against Brighton & Hove Albion on Saturday, 30 Nov 2019
Penalty goal was
Mohamed Salah against Fulham on Sunday, 13 Dec 2020
Missed penalty was
Sadio Mané against Red Star Belgrade on Wednesday, 24 Oct 2018
Home win was against
Tottenham on Wednesday, 16 Dec 2020
Home draw was against
Manchester United on Sunday, 17 Jan 2021
Home defeat was against
Atalanta on Wednesday, 25 Nov 2020
Away win was against
Aston Villa on Friday, 08 Jan 2021
Away draw was against
Newcastle United on Wednesday, 30 Dec 2020
Away defeat was against
Southampton on Monday, 04 Jan 2021
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  • Liverpool FC have scored 10034 goals in 5770 competitive matches registered at LFChistory.
  • 202 of those goals are own goals and 527 came from the penalty spot.
  • 457 players have scored a goal for Liverpool FC.
  • 423 players have scored a league goal for Liverpool FC.
  • Liverpool have scored 1.7 goals on average in each game.
  • 776 players have played in competitive matches for Liverpool FC since 1892.
  • 15007 players have played against Liverpool FC since the 1893-1894 season.

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