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Sander Westerveld

The Dutchman had gained quite a reputation after three seasons at Twente in the Eredivisie and had made his international debut, against Brazil, a week prior to him becoming the most expensive goalkeeper in England. Westerveld was especially known for his drop-kick known as "The Bomb." He entertained teammates at training and fans in pre-match warm-ups by launching the ball from his penalty area into the stands behind the opposite goal. Westerveld's monster efforts were never officially measured but he was widely acknowledged to have…

Birthdate: 23 October 1974
Birthplace: Enschede, Netherlands
Other clubs: Twente Enschede (1992-96), Vitesse (1996-99), Real Sociedad (2001-05), Real Mallorca (loan 2004), Portsmouth (2005-06), Everton (loan 2006), Almeria (2006-07), Sparta Rotterdam (2007-08), Monza (2009-2011), Ajax Cape Town (2011-13)
Bought from: Vitesse
Signed for LFC: £4m, 15.06.1999
Liverpool debut: 07.08.1999
Last appearance: 27.08.2001
Contract expiry: 17.12.2001
Honours: FA Cup 2001, League Cup 2001, UEFA Cup 2001, European Super Cup 2001
League games / goals / assists: 75 / 0 / 0
Total games / goals / assists: 103 / 0 / 0
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Season League FA LC Europe Other Total
Totals 75 8 5 14 1 103
1999-2000 36 2 1 0 0 39
2000-2001 38 6 4 13 0 61
2001-2002 1 0 0 1 1 3
Season League FA LC Europe Other Total
Totals 0 0 0 0 0 0
1999-2000 0 0 0 0 0 0
2000-2001 0 0 0 0 0 0
2001-2002 0 0 0 0 0 0

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Steve Finnan in December 2005

"I don't think we've changed anything about how we defend from last season. I think it's just down to time - we've been working with the boss for longer now and I think we now understand what he wants from us better. A year ago, we'd only been with the manager for six months and it takes time to change things at any club. We were used to playing one way before Benitez arrived and now, 18 months on, we're used to his style, his tactics and the way he wants us to play.

The zonal defending system is a good example of how things take time to perfect. I don't think many of the players had played it before because throughout most of our careers we've always gone man-to-man in the box but as soon as Rafa drilled it in to us what to do, I don't think we had many problems adjusting to it. The defence isn't perfect yet but as long as we keep working hard in training and during matches, we should improve further still."

The last ...

Game was against
Newcastle United on Sunday, 26 Jul 2020
Goal was scored by
Sadio Mané against Newcastle United on Sunday, 26 Jul 2020
Own goal was scored by
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain against Manchester City on Thursday, 02 Jul 2020
Sending off was
Alisson Becker against Brighton & Hove Albion on Saturday, 30 Nov 2019
Penalty goal was
Mohamed Salah against West Ham United on Wednesday, 29 Jan 2020
Missed penalty was
Sadio Mané against Red Star Belgrade on Wednesday, 24 Oct 2018
Home win was against
Chelsea on Wednesday, 22 Jul 2020
Home draw was against
Burnley on Saturday, 11 Jul 2020
Home defeat was against
Atletico Madrid on Wednesday, 11 Mar 2020
Away win was against
Newcastle United on Sunday, 26 Jul 2020
Away draw was against
Everton on Sunday, 21 Jun 2020
Away defeat was against
Arsenal on Wednesday, 15 Jul 2020
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  • Liverpool FC have scored 9975 goals in 5742 competitive matches registered at LFChistory.
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  • 454 players have scored a goal for Liverpool FC.
  • 421 players have scored a league goal for Liverpool FC.
  • Liverpool have scored 1.7 goals on average in each game.
  • 771 players have played in competitive matches for Liverpool FC since 1892.
  • 14870 players have played against Liverpool FC since the 1893-1894 season.

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