View from the people - Jimmy McGovern 24 March 2016

Jimmy McGovern wrote the screenplay for "Hillsborough", his wonderfully evocative screenplay about the eponymous 1989 tragedy.

Vic Gill - I Could Have Been a Contender - part 3 21 December 2015

This is the final part of Vic's story of being at LFC when it ascended to the top of English football after a decade and a half in the doldrums. Vic was also about to become a part of Bill Shankly's family.

Vic Gill - I Could Have Been a Contender - part 2 15 December 2015

The life of 16-year-old Victor Gill took a dramatic turn when Bill Shankly took over at Liverpool Football Club.

View from the people - Brian Bentley 10 December 2015

The former editor of Teamtalk has certainly a tale or two to tell from his years of supporting the Reds.

Vic Gill - I Could Have Been a Contender - part 1 7 December 2015

Victor Gill was just one of the apprentices when Bill Shankly took over. Victor was destined not to reach greatness at Liverpool FC but to marry his boss' daughter.

View from the people - Adrian Colley 3 December 2015

This is the first time that we feature a Liverpool fan. Adrian Colley a schoolteacher from Yorkshire, tells us the great tale of his first European away adventure in the Spanish capital in 2002.

View from the people - John Keith 19 November 2015

As a press reporter John Keith followed the Reds every step as they rose to prominence under Bill Shankly and reigned supreme in Europe and England under Shankly's disciple, Bob Paisley.

View from the people - Linda Robinson 12 November 2015

We are joined by Linda Robinson, who was a valued employee at Liverpool in the club's halcyon days in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

View from the people - Paul Moran 5 November 2015

Paul Moran, son of the Great Ronnie Moran takes us back to October 1983 when the Reds took on QPR at Loftus Road.

View from the people - Nick Tanner 28 October 2015

This is the first installment of our new weekly series "A view from the People" in which a guest columnist is featured if he has an interesting story to tell related to Liverpool FC.

Reuben Bennett - my father and Shankly's corporal 9 April 2015

The tough Scotsman was Shankly‘s corporal, a man to his liking who kept the players on their toes. No one is more ideal to give a more intimate perspective of Reuben Bennett than Michael, his son.

My LFCHistory by Chris Wood 14 January 2015

Chris Wood, who is an important part of, has reached the personal landmark of attending 1,000 Liverpool games!

Kop Stories by Chris Wood 13 October 2004

Chris Wood is a veteran of 1000 LFC games and has just about seen anything.