13 October 2018Bootle boy done good - exclusive interview with Jamie Carragher was fortunate enough to spend a fair bit of time recently with Jamie and his dad, Philly, who is a legend in his own right! More

25 August 2017Sami Hyypia - The rock at the back

LFChistory had a frank discussion with the simply brilliant Sami Hyypia, a fantastic player and a genuine fella. More

7 September 2016Howard Gayle - A pioneer and an activist

Howie Gayle is a trailblazer, an idealistic man who tried to break through at Liverpool FC at the height of their success. More

5 August 2016Bruce Grobbelaar - 13 medals in 13 years wanted to get to know the man behind the myth and what drives Bruce Grobbelaar. More

18 March 2016Rob Jones - Right-back destined for the top

Rob talks to about the highs and lows of his remarkable playing career. More

9 February 2016Michael Robinson - leaving Liverpool for Spain recently met former striker Michael Robinson in Madrid and had a good chat with him about his career. More

2 February 2016The Untold Story of Billy Howard - Part 2

Last week we introduced you to Billy Howard, an ardent Kopite who also had the pleasure and privilege to be on Liverpool Football Club's books. We hope you will enjoy reading this article as much as we enjoyed interviewing this gentleman. More

29 January 2016The Untold Story of Billy Howard

Greats like Billy Howard have gone by unnoticed, since they never really made an impact on Liverpool FC's first team, but have given so much to the community of Liverpool, working with the local kids and helping them develop through football.and the More

16 January 2016Roy Evans - 35 years of pure dedication

Roy Evans; youth player, first-team player, kit washer, physio, coach, reserve and first-team manager of Liverpool Football Club. An exclusive interview by More

30 December 2015Michael Robinson - joining his boyhood club

LFChistory had the rare opportunity of spending an evening with Michael Robinson, a warm individual who possesses such an abundance of intelligence and enthusiasm towards sport and life in general. More

28 November 2015Gerry Byrne - The toughest of them all!

We published this interview initially on 29 October 2008 on Gerry passed away today at 77 years of age and this warm man who was tough as nails on the pitch will be sorely missed. More

22 October 2015George Sephton - The Voice of Anfield

Exclusive interview by Carl Clemente. George is now into his 45th consecutive season in the hot-seat at Anfield! More

12 October 2015Gary Gillespie - Best eight years of my life

LFChistory's Carl Clemente had the rare opportunity to chat to Gary Gillespie, an influential member of one of the great Liverpool sides of the 1980s. More

6 May 2015John Barnes - A beauty to behold

When John Barnes was at the top of his game there wasn't a more beautiful sight in football.You should never meet you heroes, the saying goes, but don't worry, John Barnes was a magnificent player and furthermore is a fantastic person. More

8 January 2015Chris Lawler - The Silent Knight

Lawler wasn’t an average footballer at Liverpool, but quite simply the greatest goalscoring defender in the club’s history. Arnie met Chris in Liverpool and the "quiet man" was quite talkative. More

18 September 2014Robbie Fowler - The best natural goalscorer

I first bumped into Robbie Fowler in 1998 outside Anfield in rather awkward circumstances.Now 16 years later we met again. More

25 November 2013Joey Jones - Shakes his fist had a very entertaining talk with the one and only Joey Jones, who was a cult hero at Liverpool for three years. More

7 February 2012Peter Thompson - Shankly's wing wizard

When asked if I was ready to take a 550-mile round trip to spend a couple of hours with Peter Thompson in Kent, I said instantly 'Yes, I am going all-in.' More

11 April 2011Neil Ruddock - Still a Hell Razor

Neil Ruddock described himself as a "Hell Razor" but it is difficult to comprehend now how he got that reputation as today he is a very much grounded and a quiet person who... that couldn't be further from the truth actually... More

2 March 2011Jimmy Case - Wreaking havoc

LFChistory jumped at the opportunity of interviewing three-time European champion Jimmy Case. He had a glittering 6-year-career at Liverpool but started in humble surroundings. More

21 January 2011Alan Kennedy - European Cup hero

Alan Kennedy not only scored the winning goal in one European Cup final, but was destined to clinch Liverpool's success in two! A European legend for Liverpool and a winner of five League titles. It was an honour for LFChistory to interview this tremendous ambassador of Liverpool FC. More

2 June 2009David Fairclough - Don't call him a super ***

David Fairclough was born few feet away from Anfield, and his dream came true when he signed for the Reds. He played his part in Liverpool's success in the 1970's, but wonders what might have been. More

4 May 2009Ian Rush - A village boy from Wales

A few years ago we had the privilege of interviewing Ian Rush and now we conducted our second interview with this fantastic legend. His career was of course an eventful one so there was still enough to talk to him about the second time around. More

7 April 2009Ian St John - Raging Bull had the great pleasure of interviewing the Saint. I was a bit unprepared for our talk, but considering the circumstances coped pretty well. More

14 January 2009Rena Liddell - Sister of Liverpool legend Billy

LFChistory's exclusive interview with Rena Liddell, Billy's sister. More

7 January 2009Adrian Killen - An LFC museum at home

Anfield tour guide, Adrian Killen, is a memorabilia collector par excellance and has experienced quite a lot supporting the Reds for over 50 years. More

26 November 2008John Aldridge - A born goalmachine caught up with Aldo to have a quick chat on his colorful career at Liverpool. More

19 November 2008Phil Thompson - Coach of his beloved Reds

One week ago we featured the first part of our Tommo exclusive. Now he talks to us about his time as coach and manager of Liverpool. More

12 November 2008Phil Thompson - Kirkby lad who gave his all

This is the first part of our exclusive interview with the great Phil Thompson. Now we focus on his playing career, reflecting on his coaching years in our second part published a week from now. More

22 October 2008Ian Callaghan - The Marathon man

Ian Callaghan is literally synonymous with Liverpool's history. interviewed this fantastic legend. More

15 September 2008Paul Tomkins - Author extraordinaire

Paul Tomkins has released his latest book on Liverpool FC, "Dynasty". got to know the man behind the writer and also what Dynasty is all about. More

21 August 2008Tommy Smith - Hard man

An exclusive interview in October 1999 by, one of LFChistory's websites. More

21 August 2008Emlyn Hughes - Crazy horse

Two days before the epic Euro 2000 first leg encounter between Scotland and England at Hampden Park, met an upbeat Emlyn Hughes to discuss England's chances and, of course, recall memories of a certain Bill Shankly. More

21 August 2008George Scott - All thanks to Shanks


21 August 2008Sir Tom Finney - One of football's all-time greats


21 August 2008Ronnie Moran - Vocal Hero

An exclusive interview in October 1999 for More

21 August 2008Brian Hall - The life of Brian

Brian Hall talks EXCLUSIVELY to in March 1999. More

21 August 2008John Keith - Distinguished journalist


20 April 2008Roy Evans - Born and bred

Exclusive interview with Roy Evans for from 2003. More

13 August 2007Ron Yeats - Unbeatable at the back

LFChistory's second one-on-one with former Liverpool captain, Ron Yeats. More

10 July 2006Stephen F Kelly - Kelly's heroes


10 April 2006Michael Thomas - So tell us about that goal...

LFChistory interviewed Michael Thomas. He scored an infamous goal for Arsenal against Liverpool in 1989 but later delivered for Liverpool. More

9 February 2006John Wark - The greatest goalscoring midfielder?

LFChistory met with Ipswich and Liverpool great John Wark. More

2 February 2006Jan Molby - The midfield maestro

LFChistory interviewed Liverpool legend Jan Molby at length. Molby is a hilarious guy and he has views on everything. More

21 September 2005Ray Clemence - Liverpool's finest keeper

LFChistory met Ray Clemence on his birthday for an exclusive interview about his Liverpool career and the obstacles that life puts in front of you. More

4 January 2005Phil Neal - Mr. 417 games in a row

Phil Neal is a true gentleman and was a brilliant servant to Liverpool. He sat down with and talked about his fantastic career. More

19 December 2004Chris Pile - Goalkeeper makes history

Chris Pile could have been a more familiar name among the Liverpool faithful, had it not been for bad luck with injuries. He was the youngest player ever to be involved in a European cup final when he had just turned 18. More

17 September 2004Erik Meijer - The big Dutchman

Erik Meijer is still a popular figure with Liverpool fans because of his fighting spirit. The BIG Dutchman is now the captain of 2nd division Alemannia Aachen in Germany and he spoke exclusively to LFChistory about his Liverpool career. More

7 July 2004Igor Biscan - Footballer's life is boring interviewed Igor Biscan at Melwood. More

23 February 2004Alan A'Court - 2nd Division International

In 2004 interviewed Alan A'Court who is in Liverpool FC's Hall of Fame. More

17 February 2004Ron Yeats - Chief scout and Shankly's captain

lfchistory was lucky enough to interview Ron Yeats exclusively at Melwood and the big man didn't disappoint. The interview was published online in February 2004. More

21 September 2003Ian Rush - The greatest goalscorer

An exclusive interview with Ian Rush by More