Scottish internationals at Liverpool

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George "Dod" Allan was the first Liverpool player to be capped for Scotland on 3 April 1897. Kenny Dalglish is at the top of the Scottish all-time appearance list with 102 games, 55 of which he played while at Liverpool and the rest at Celtic. Liverpool had a large number of Scotsmen in the early years of the club, but only 24 out of 45 Scottish internationals who have been at Liverpool were at the club when they actively represented Scotland. Billy Liddell, Steve Nicol and Alan Hansen spent their whole international career at Liverpool. Graeme Souness had made three appearances for Scotland while at Middlesbrough (14 post-Liverpool while at Sampdoria), Tommy Younger eight for Hibernian and Ian St John seven for Motherwell before joining Liverpool. John Wark spent the majority of his international career at Ipswich while Gary McAllister had finished his international career 15 months prior to joining Liverpool at 35 years of age. A number of fantastic players for Liverpool would surely have played more games had they not moved to England with the Scottish selectors preferring a home-based player instead of Anglo-Scots like Ron Yeats with two caps or Alan Hansen with 26 caps!

Liverpool had such a strong Scottish influence in their formative years culminating in the presence of Souness, Dalglish, Hansen and Nicol on their books in the late 20th century. Andy Robertson, Scotland's captain, is the only current international at the club.

Most international caps for Scotland while on Liverpool's books

Name Total LFC
Kenny Dalglish 102 55
Gary McAllister 57 0
Graeme Souness 54 37
Billy Liddell 29 29
John Wark 29 3
Steve Nicol 27 27
Alan Hansen 26 26
Don Hutchison 26 0
Tommy Younger 24 16
Ian St John 21 14