Internationals 14 February 2021

The illustrious reputation of Liverpool has so far tempted 331 internationals from 55 nations to sign for the club.

Hail the 1922 Champions 4 January 2016

The Athletic News, 24 April 1922.

The Good Friday scandal 11 September 2015

When Liverpool and Manchester United players conspired to fix their match at Old Trafford in United's favour!

Pictorial celebration of Liverpool's Hall of Fame 18 October 2013

LIVERPOOL FC’s official Hall of Fame was first unveiled in 2002 when Ian Callaghan, Phil Thompson, Brian Hall and Alan Hansen discussed the merits of each candidate before selecting two players from each decade.

2010-2013: Second Class European Citizens 18 June 2013

The latest chapter in our "Liverpool in Europe" series.

Remember the 96! 15 April 2013

15th April 1989 will forever be imprinted on the minds of Liverpool supporters.

Billy and Barnes at Anfield 6 February 2012

It was a momentous occasion when one of the best players in the history of the club, rated by many supporters even as the very best, Billy Liddell, met Liverpool's talisman, John Barnes, in the early 90's, at Anfield.

Liverpool's cup final team in 1914 6 January 2012

1950 Cup final profiles 23 November 2011

From a souvenir brochure dedicated to the Liverpool players who fought for the FA Cup 1950.

The current transfer value of Liverpool players since 1992 8 November 2011

Graeme Riley, on whose meticulous research the excellent Pay As You Play was based and has published the annual Football in Europe, has joined the LFChistory team and will provide us with data that will enable us to go into much further detail on the site.

In memory of the 77 in Norway and the 96! 18 August 2011

Anyone who attends a competitive match at Anfield knows that there are always dozens maybe hundreds of Norwegians present too. Now we share a tragic bond with our cousins across the North Sea.

The story of the Liverpool FC crest 12 August 2011

The crest of Liverpool Football Club is known worldwide. One may wonder how it came into existence and developed through time to become what it is today.

Into Europe - an LFC magazine from 1963 24 May 2011

Liverpool FC sold to NESV 6 October 2010

1921-1922: Liverpool dominant in the League 21 August 2010

Liverpool were heading for the title for the first time in 16 years.

1922-1923: Liverpool win the League 2nd year in a row! 21 August 2010

Liverpool wanted to become the fifth side since the League was formed in 1888 to win the championship in two consecutive seasons.

David Moores ends his silence 26 May 2010

From The Times 26 May, 2010.

2007-2010: Moscow and Rome in their sights 5 May 2010

Chris Wood has written Liverpool's complete European history for and this is his latest chapter.

Preview of Liverpool's squad in 1912 29 March 2010

... was previewed in the Fulham match programme ahead of the Cottagers' duel with Liverpool in the 2nd round of the FA Cup on 3rd of February 1912.

Interview with Ray Kennedy from Retro Reds 10 February 2009

Retro Reds interviewed old favourite Ray Kennedy in 2008 and we wanted to share with you this excellent interview.

Extraordinary footage of Liverpool in action 1901-1902! 18 November 2008

These unique clips are courtesy of the British Film Institute from the Mitchell & Kenyon Collection.

1901-1906: A rise from 2nd division to the title! 2 October 2008

In 1904 Liverpool had been relegated to 2nd division only three years after winning the title for the first time. Liverpool were on their way to an amazing success!

1899-1901: Liverpool champions for the first time! 24 September 2008

Liverpool won the league in the 1900-01 season. We give you unique insight into the local papers' reports and celebration of this glorious feat!

1896-1899: A new exciting era at Liverpool 16 September 2008

Liverpool FC wear red for the first time. The most successful manager in the country takes over and brings his magic touch to the 'Reds' bringing them tantalizingly close to a league and cup double.

1893-1896: Liverpool rocking between 2nd and 1st division 9 September 2008

After winning the Lancashire league Liverpool's climb up the league ladder started in 2nd division. A real fairytale season was ahead and the club's biggest game to date against the most famous club in England in the FA Cup.

1892-1893: Liverpool go Scottish! 1 September 2008

We trace the beginnings of Liverpool FC, focusing now on the club's very first season in 1892-1893.

1891-1892: A new perspective on the birth of Liverpool FC 25 August 2008

It's pretty obvious that a website called LFChistory has to, sooner or later, tell the historic details of how the club was formed.

Astonishing unique images from the 1965 homecoming! 11 April 2006

A photographer who was at a traffic policeman`s box outside Lime Street Station took these excellent never-before-seen pictures.

Great matches: Rush got four! 13 February 2006

Chris Wood reflects on the greatest matches in Liverpool's history.

Great matches: Liverpool beat Roma at their own ground! 6 February 2006

Chris Wood recollects Liverpool's dramatic win over AS Roma in Rome.

Great matches: Liverpool destroy Internazionale! 30 January 2006

The greatest Liverpool matches ever by Chris Wood.

Great matches: 7 and out for Tottenham 23 January 2006

Liverpool put seven past Tottenham in 1978. One of the best performances in Liverpool's history.

Great matches: Liverpool beat Bruges over two legs 16 January 2006

Liverpool's second UEFA Cup win was against Bruges which met Liverpool in the European Cup final two years later.

Great matches: Liverpool's first ever FA Cup win 9 January 2006

Liverpool finally won the FA Cup in 1965.

Great matches: Liverpool could have scored six! 2 January 2006

The FA Cup final in 1974 was a one-sided affair for Liverpool vs. Alan Kennedy's and Terry McDermott's Newcastle.

An undesirable record for Crouch 4 December 2005

Peter Crouch finally scored after failing to find the target in 18 games. How does he compare with other forwards in Liverpool's history?

2001-2007: Into The New Millennium 23 March 2005

For the first time in 16 long years since the shame and tragedy that was Heysel, Liverpool took their place in European football's top club competition. Chris Wood documents Liverpool's European history.

1991-2001: The Resurgence Years 17 March 2005

In 1990, 5 years after Heysel, English clubs were re-admitted to the European fold. Liverpool, however, had to wait another year before their own exile was ended. LFC fan Chris Wood leads us through Liverpool's European story.

1973-1985: The Golden Years 10 March 2005

Shankly's parting gift to Liverpool was the F.A. cup so for the third time the club entered the Cup Winners' cup. LFC fan Chris Wood tells us Liverpool's European journey.

1964-1973: The Early Years 1 February 2005

Republishing of the first chapter of Liverpool's exploits in Europe now including a video of the dramatic Inter Milan - Liverpool clashes where a certain Spanish referee bumped LFC out of Europe.

The letter from Shankly 18 November 2004

Chris Wood received a letter from Shankly, visited him at his home and met him on a few different occasions. Here are his recollections of the GREAT man.

How Shankly helped St John to avoid a suspension 26 October 2004

Chris Wood has been looking into aspects of LFC statistics for LFChistory that are often difficult to find and difficult to check... like players sent off and missed penalties etc.

Justice? 21 November 2003

15th April 1989 is a date that indelibly emblazoned across the hearts of every man, woman and child on Merseyside. A day that started with all the joy and expectancy of an FA Cup semi-final but which ultimately ended with ninety-six football fans losing their lives, for the support of their club.

Anfield 21 August 2003

Facts and figures for Anfield.