Pictorial celebration of Liverpool's Hall of Fame

LIVERPOOL FC’s official Hall of Fame was first unveiled in 2002 when Ian Callaghan, Phil Thompson, Brian Hall and Alan Hansen discussed the merits of each candidate and sought opinions from supporters groups before selecting two players from each decade. Kenny Dalglish joined this elite group of experts in 2010 when two members were added to the Hall of Fame to represent 2000-2010.

1892-1900: Thomas Harry Bradshaw

1892-1900: Matt McQueen

1900-1910: Alex Raisbeck

1900-1910: Jack Cox

1910-1920: Ephraim Longworth

1910-1920: Arthur Goddard

1920-1930: Elisha Scott

1920-1930: Donald Mackinlay

1930-1940: Gordon Hodgson

1930-1940: Jimmy McDougall

1940-1950: Albert Stubbins

1940-1950: Jack Balmer

1950-1960: Billy Liddell

1950-1960: Alan A'Court

1960-1970: Ron Yeats

1960-70: Roger Hunt

1970-1980: Ray Clemence

1970-1980: Ian Callaghan

1980-1990: Kenny Dalglish

1980-1990: Alan Hansen

1990-2000: Ian Rush

1990-2000: John Barnes

2000-2010: Steven Gerrard

2000-2010: Jamie Carragher


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