Captains of Liverpool Football Club

Season Captain Vice captain 3rd captain 4th captain Note on captain
1892-1893 Andrew Hannah

1893-1894 Andrew Hannah Duncan McLean

1894-1895 Andrew Hannah Duncan McLean Jimmy Ross
Hannah leaves mid-season - replaced by McLean
1894-1895 Duncan McLean

1895-1896 Jimmy Ross Matt McQueen Joe McQue

1896-1897 Jimmy Ross Joe McQue            
John McCartney    

Ross leaves in February - replaced by McCartney.
1896-1897 John McCartney

1897-1898 John McCartney Frank Becton

1898-1899 Harry Storer George Allan

Storer replaced in April by Allan who dies prior to the 1899/1900 season
1898-1899 George Allan

1899-1900 Billy Dunlop

1900-1901 Alex Raisbeck

Raisbeck missed 3 games. Probably Dunlop vice captain.
1901-1902 Alex Raisbeck

Raisbeck missed 8 games. Probably Dunlop.
1902-1903 Alex Raisbeck

Raisbeck missed 7 games. Probably Dunlop.
1903-1904 Alex Raisbeck

Raisbeck missed 4 games. Probably Dunlop.
1904-1905 Alex Raisbeck

Raisbeck missed 1 game. Probably Dunlop.
1905-1906 Alex Raisbeck Billy Dunlop Maurice Parry

1906-1907 Alex Raisbeck Billy Dunlop Maurice Parry
Captain missing in 3 games
1907-1908 Alex Raisbeck Jack Cox

Captain missing in 2 games
1908-1909 Alex Raisbeck Joe Hewitt Jack Cox
Percy Saul captain in 1st game of season
1909-1910 Arthur Goddard Ronald Orr

Goddard missed 3 games. Orr captain in one but two unknown.
1910-1911 Arthur Goddard Ronald Orr

Sam Hardy captain in his benefit match on 17 April 1911
1911-1912 Arthur Goddard Ephraim Longworth     

1912-1913 Ephraim Longworth

Longworth missed 3 games. Unknown who was vice captain.
1913-1914 Harry Lowe Bob Ferguson

1914-1915 Harry Lowe Bob Ferguson

1919-1920 Ephraim Longworth Donald Mackinlay Walter Wadsworth
Wadsworth captain when Longworth and Mackinlay were on international duty
1920-1921 Ephraim Longworth Donald Mackinlay

1921-1922 Ephraim Longworth Donald Mackinlay

Longworth replaced by Mackinlay mid-season
1921-1922 Donald Mackinlay Ephraim Longworth

Longworth captain when Mackinlay was unavailable
1922-1923 Donald Mackinlay

Elisha Scott captain in his benefit match on 26 December 1922
1923-1924 Donald Mackinlay

Mackinlay missed 3 games. Wadsworth captain in one (maybe a one-off), the other two unknown.
1924-1925 Donald Mackinlay Fred Hopkin Ephraim Longworth
Tommy Lucas captain on 20 September 1924 despite Hopkin playing.
1925-1926 Donald Mackinlay Tommy Lucas

1926-1927 Donald Mackinlay Tommy Lucas

Jock McNab captain in his benefit match on 30 April 1927
1927-1928 Donald Mackinlay Tommy Lucas Ephraim Longworth

1928-1929 Tom Bromilow

Bromilow replaced mid-season by Jackson
1928-1929 James Jackson

1929-1930 James Jackson Tom Morrison

1930-1931 James Jackson Tom Morrison

Gordon Hodgson captain on 14 March 1931 for establishing a new goals record
1931-1932 Tiny Bradshaw

1932-1933 Tiny Bradshaw Jimmy McDougall

Elisha Scott captain on 1 October 1932 in his 400th league match for LFC
1933-1934 Tiny Bradshaw Jimmy McDougall

Ernie Blenkinsop made captain for his return to Sheffield Wednesday, on 21 April 1934
1934-1935 Ernie Blenkinsop Jimmy McDougall Tiny Bradshaw

1935-1936 Ernie Blenkinsop Tom Cooper Tiny Bradshaw

1936-1937 Ernie Blenkinsop

Blenkinsop replaced after he got injured after playing the first 7 matches
1936-1937 Tom Cooper Matt Busby

1937-1938 Tom Cooper Matt Busby Arthur Riley Tiny Bradshaw
Jimmy McDougall also captain in two games. Tiny was preferred to him but only made a couple of appearances.
1938-1939 Tom Cooper Matt Busby

1939-1940 Matt Busby

Only 3 games before WWII
1945-1946 Willie Fagan

Only 4 official games post WWII
1946-1947 Willie Fagan Jack Balmer

1947-1948 Jack Balmer Phil Taylor

1948-1949 Jack Balmer

1949-1950 Jack Balmer Phil Taylor Willie Fagan

1950-1951 Phil Taylor Jack Balmer

1951-1952 Phil Taylor Laurie Hughes Bob Paisley
9 games unaccounted for but Paisley likely established third captain
1952-1953 Phil Taylor

Taylor missed 21 games. Probably Billy Liddell or Laurie Hughes vice captain
1953-1954 Bill Jones

Jones missed 16 games. Probably Billy Liddell or Laurie Hughes vice captain
1954-1955 Laurie Hughes Billy Liddell Geoff Twentyman

1955-1956 Billy Liddell Laurie Hughes

1956-1957 Billy Liddell Laurie Hughes

1957-1958 Billy Liddell

Liddell missed 7 games. Twentyman was captain in one game.
1958-1959 Johnny Wheeler Ronnie Moran

1959-1960 Ronnie Moran

1960-1961 Dick White

1961-1962 Dick White

Replaced mid-season by Ron Yeats
1961-1962 Ron Yeats

1962-1963 Ron Yeats Ronnie Moran Jimmy Melia
One game missing without Yeats, Moran and Melia
1963-1964 Ron Yeats Gordon Milne Chris Lawler

When Yeats was suspended in March 1964, Lawler was surprisingly given the captaincy over Milne
1964-1965 Ron Yeats Gordon Milne Roger Hunt
One game missing without Yeats, Milne and Hunt
1965-1966 Ron Yeats

1966-1967 Ron Yeats

Yeats missing in two matches. Hunt was captain in one game.
1967-1968 Ron Yeats

Yeats missing in four matches. Hunt was captain in one game.
1968-1969 Ron Yeats

Yeats missing in four matches. Hunt was captain in one game - probably vice captain 1967-69.
1969-1970 Ron Yeats Tommy Smith

1970-1971 Tommy Smith Ron Yeats

1971-1972 Tommy Smith Chris Lawler

1972-1973 Tommy Smith Emlyn Hughes

1973-1974 Emlyn Hughes

Ian Callaghan was made captain for the day against Norwich on 2 February as he was voted Echo's Sports Personality of the Year.
1974-1975 Emlyn Hughes

1975-1976 Emlyn Hughes Kevin Keegan

1976-1977 Emlyn Hughes

1977-1978 Emlyn Hughes Tommy Smith Ray Kennedy
Terry McDermott was skipper against former club, Newcastle, on 31 December 1977.
1978-1979 Emlyn Hughes Kenny Dalglish Ray Clemence
Emlyn replaced by Phil Thompson after Dalglish had previously rejected the captaincy
1978-1979 Phil Thompson

1979-1980 Phil Thompson

1980-1981 Phil Thompson Ray Kennedy

1981-1982 Phil Thompson Graeme Souness

Thompson replaced by Souness mid-season
1981-1982 Graeme Souness

1982-1983 Graeme Souness Phil Thompson

1983-1984 Graeme Souness Phil Neal

1984-1985 Phil Neal

1985-1986 Phil Neal

Neal departed Liverpool early in the season
1985-1986 Alan Hansen

Hansen missing in 3 games. Unknown captain on 12 October 1985 snd 5 February 1986
1986-1987 Alan Hansen Mark Lawrenson

Ian Rush captain in his last Anfield appearance on 4 May 1987
1987-1988 Alan Hansen Ronnie Whelan

1988-1989 Ronnie Whelan Steve Nicol

1989-1990 Alan Hansen Ronnie Whelan Steve McMahon

1990-1991 Ronnie Whelan Glenn Hysén Steve Nicol

1991-1992 Ronnie Whelan Steve Nicol Steve McMahon
Wright appointed captain in December 1991
1991-1992 Mark Wright

1992-1993 Mark Wright Ian Rush

Wright loses captaincy in November 1992
1992-1993 Steve Nicol

Nicol takes over until January, then gives way to Barnes
1992-1993 John Barnes

1993-1994 Ian Rush Mark Wright

1994-1995 Ian Rush John Barnes Neil Ruddock

1995-1996 Ian Rush John Barnes Neil Ruddock
Rush absent from November to May (returns for one game)
1996-1997 John Barnes Mark Wright

1997-1998 Paul Ince Steve McManaman

Phil Babb captain in his final game on 10 May 1998
1998-1999 Paul Ince Steve McManaman Jamie Redknapp Robbie Fowler
1999-2000 Jamie Redknapp Sami Hyypia Steve Staunton

2000-2001 Jamie Redknapp Robbie Fowler Sami Hyypia Jamie Carragher Redknapp club captain but out with injury during the season
2001-2002 Jamie Redknapp Sami Hyypia Jamie Carragher
Redknapp captain in all his three starts, the third not with Hyypia in side
2002-2003 Sami Hyypia Steven Gerrard

2003-2004 Sami Hyypia

Hyypia loses captaincy to Gerrard in October
2003-2004 Steven Gerrard Sami Hyypia Jerzy Dudek

2004-2005 Steven Gerrard Sami Hyypia Jerzy Dudek Jamie Carragher
2005-2006 Steven Gerrard Jamie Carragher Sami Hyypia

2006-2007 Steven Gerrard Jamie Carragher Sami Hyypia Robbie Fowler
2007-2008 Steven Gerrard Jamie Carragher Sami Hyypia

2008-2009 Steven Gerrard Jamie Carragher Sami Hyypia

2009-2010 Steven Gerrard Jamie Carragher Dirk Kuyt

2010-2011 Steven Gerrard Jamie Carragher Pepe Reina

2011-2012 Steven Gerrard Jamie Carragher Pepe Reina Martin Skrtel
2012-2013 Steven Gerrard Jamie Carragher Luis Suarez

2013-2014 Steven Gerrard Daniel Agger Luis Suarez

2014-2015 Steven Gerrard Jordan Henderson Martin Skrtel

2015-2016 Jordan Henderson James Milner Lucas Leiva Kolo Touré
2016-2017 Jordan Henderson James Milner Lucas Leiva

2017-2018 Jordan Henderson James Milner

Third captain shared between Can (3), Coutinho (3) and Mignolet (3)
2018-2019 Jordan Henderson James Milner Virgil Van Dijk

2019-2020 Jordan Henderson James Milner Virgil Van Dijk

2020-2021 Jordan Henderson James Milner Virgil Van Dijk Gini Wijnaldum
2021-2022 Jordan Henderson James Milner Virgil Van Dijk  Trent Alexander-Arnold