Walter Wadsworth - The original hard man! 25 August 2009

Before the likes of Gerry Byrne, Ron Yeats, Tommy Smith and Jamie Carragher, the defender who had his opponents shaking in their boots was Liverpool's original hard man, Walter Wadsworth from Bootle.

Elisha Scott - Ever so solid guardian 22 December 2008

Elisha Scott is without a doubt one of the greatest goalkeepers in Liverpool's history. His career spanned an astonishing 22 years from his arrival in September 1912 until he left in June 1934.

Donald McKinlay - The captain speaks out 17 December 2008

Few came tougher than Scottish full-back Donald McKinlay who was a player at Anfield from 1909-1929 and Liverpool's captain from 1921-1928.

Alex Raisbeck - Liverpool's first superstar 16 December 2008

Victor Hall painted a vivid picture of "Alexander the great" in the Liverpool Echo 15 years after he had left Liverpool.

Tom Watson - A most beloved man 10 December 2008

Tom Watson deserves his place among the greatest managers in Liverpool's history and he was clearly one of the most beloved figures that have ever graced the football club.

The Silent Sam Hardy 3 December 2008

Liverpool legends tries to give a fresh insight into the stars while revealing their thoughts and background that you might have not known about before.

Berry Nieuwenhuys - The Kop's Real Rooinek 4 October 2006

A great feature by Gavin Foster on a South African star that shone bright at Liverpool.