Preview of Liverpool's squad in 1912

Liverpool continued to struggle and hoped that a good cup run could rescue a dire season. Liverpool dispatched of Ephraim Longworth's former team, Leyton, in the first round 1-0 and were drawn against Fulham in the 2nd round. Sam Hardy was previewed in the Fulham match programme ahead of the Cottagers' duel with Liverpool in the 2nd round of the FA Cup on 3rd of February 1912.

(Goal 240/0 - Age: 28) Will be recorded in football history as one of the greatest goalkeepers the game has known, and although Tim Williamson "kept" for England in fine style last season, Hardy was well worth his place in his country's team this season despite the continued brilliance of his Middlesbrough rival. Originally a centre forward, he joined Liverpool in the 1905-6 season, and possesses ten international caps, having played against Scotland on four occasions, Wales three, and a like number of games against Ireland.

Ephraim Longworth (Right back 371/0 - Age: 24) Captained the "Stripes" in the recent trial match, and is Crompton's most serious rival for the right back position in England's team. Spent his early footballing days in Hyde, subsequently assisting Hyde and Bolton Wanderers before J.T. Howcroft, the well-known referee, recommended him to Leyton in 1908. Made wonderful strides during his two seasons' connection with the London club, and was transferred to Liverpool at the close of the season 1909-10, after refusing to leave Leyton a month earlier. Resourceful to a degree, he combines dash and cleverness with fine effect, and his kicking is always of high standard.

Robert Pursell (Left back 112/0 - Age: 22) The ex-Queen's Park defender, whose capture brought Liverpool under the ban of those in authority. As Longworth's partner, he has performed meritoriously, and an extended connection with first-class football should witness a great development of the capabilities of this young man of Caledonia.

Robbie Robinson (Half-back 271/64 - Age: 32) Believes that energy is invaluable in football as in the daily routine of life, and he relies mainly on his bustling tactics, determination, and unlimited energy, combined with a degree of skill for his success at half-back. Is easily distinguished when on the field by reason of his fair hair and well-built figure, and as a forward he has demonstrated his versatility.

James Harrop (Half-back 139/4 - Age: 27) Raisbeck's successor and right good one, too. Known in Liverpool as "Heads Up" Harrop. The "Owls" made a great mistake when they allowed him to migrate to Rotherham Town, with whom he was playing when a Liverpool director went to watch Foster, now of Reading, but discovered Harrop.

Harry Lowe (Half-back 135/2 - Age: 25) Received his introduction into League Div 1 football early this season after four campaigns in Div II with Gainsborough Trinity. Formerly with Whitwell, a Derbyshire club, and at Liverpool this season he has proved more workmanlike than skilful, and has room for improvement in the real art of half-back play.

John Bovill (Forward 29/7 - Age: 25) One of Chesterfield's products, he was sought after by Middlesbrough before Liverpool proved successful in inducing him to wear the colours of the Mersey club. Lacks height, but is a convincing inside forward - if the shooting department of the game be excepted - his neat, low forward passes being of value to his partners.

Harold Uren (Outside left 45/2 - Age: 26) An exceedingly tricky and clever winger, who feints with his body in a most deceptive manner. When in a progressive mood, however, he is a most dangerous outside-left, possessing excellent speed and fine control of the ball, whilst his powerful cross-drives present the opposing goalkeeper with many anxious moments.

The profiles of John MacDonald (Winger 81/4 - Age: 25), William Stuart (Forward 5/1 - Age: 21) and Jack Parkinson (Forward 220-129 - Age: 28) are not very descriptive although it says that Parkinson is "noted for the manner in which he glides through the defence."

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