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This is the first installment of our new weekly series "A view from the People" in which a guest columnist, an ex-player, staff, family member or simply just a fan is featured if he has an interesting story to tell related to Liverpool FC.

Former Liverpool defender Nick Tanner signed for the Reds for £20,000 from Bristol Rovers in 1988 and went on to make 59 appearances for the Reds from 1989-1992 before having to retire from football with a serious back injury. We are honoured that he is our first columnist.

"One of the funniest and most memorable weekends I had at Liverpool was when we played Chelsea away on Saturday 16th December 1989, during the season in which we last won the 1st Division. I was on the bench that day and my mate Mike Marsh was also in the squad. Anyway, the team ended up blowing them away 5-2 at Stamford Bridge.

The rest of the weekend is something people can only dream of happening to them. Marshy and I were overawed to say the least, as in 48 hours we managed to watch Wet Wet Wet as special guests, had a night in Stringfellows, played in a Labatts Sponsored Golf day, (which I won and still have the golf bag today to prove it) and ended the weekend at the Sports Personality of The Year show, where we were nominated for Team of the Year!! I'm not sure if that is the correct order of events, but you would have understood why, if you had been with us!

Two things from that weekend stand out for me apart from the football side of things. Firstly, Marshy was too drunk to get into Stringfellows night club, however I managed to do so and was first to the bar to get the beers in for the lads, only to be asked for around £100 for the round! In those days that was big money and I didn't have that kind of cash on me. Therefore, I retired to the toilets for 10 minutes hoping someone else would pick up the tab. Luckily they did and for the rest of the night as well!

Secondly, the following morning, we had to play in the Labatts golf day. Somehow, I was paired with teetotal Peter Beardsley and two other very professional looking people. I thought to myself after a long night on the ale that this is going to be torture! Luckily, Bruce Grobbelaar was in the group in front and when we were all given a slab of Labbatts beer each, he filled his and my bag full of cans and told me we had to have one at each hole (the smaller cans I hasten to add!). This was much to Peter's annoyance and he gave me a bit of a lecture, reminding me we were representing the club. Therefore, I took his words on board and we went towards the first tee!

The first hole was very uneventful until we got to the green. Pete was talking about all things football and the news in general as he normally did. I could see Bruce and his group enjoying a beer in front. I was thinking to myself, 'Why am I stuck in this boring group'? That was until one of our guest players was deep in the rough at the back of the green. As he tried to hack his ball out, it actually went back over his head somehow and ended up behind him. Myself and the other guests just burst out laughing and one said to me, 'Time to get them beers out of your bag, Nick'. Anyway, we all had a great laugh from there, apart from Peter Beardsley, that is!

Anyway, I still can't work out how, but I ending up winning the overall scoring competition, maybe as our guest was doing the scoring. I'm sure the beer had something to do with it...Happy Happy Days!!"

Nick is a true gent who upholds his great relationship with Liverpool fans and is constantly interacting with them on Twitter (@nicktanner799)

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