Terry lives for the moment

The much anticipated autobiography of Liverpool legend Terry McDermott was recently published by Sport Media. Terry was famous for being the first to be voted the best player in England by the PFA and FWA in the same season, in 1979/80. Terry was more interested in horse racing in Chester and then having a drink at his local in Quarry Green rather than travelling to London to receive his trophy from Bob Paisley (unbeknownst to Terry at the time) at the Football Writers‘ reception. Drink plays a big part in this story as well as memories of great goals and various misadventures. You wonder if Terry would have had even a greater part to play in Liverpool‘s success if he had been more disciplined but drink was his main outlet and without it he may not have enjoyed his football as he did. Kevin Keegan‘s foreword paints a vivid picture of Terry and contributions from various people would have helped to portray his life further as Keegan‘s account is the only one we get from someone else than the book‘s subject. We will contribute this one from King Kenny: "Terry’s strengths were running, passing and finishing. Along with his vision, Terry had another great quality: he was always upbeat. The banter at Liverpool was unbelievable particularly when Terry Mac was in full flow."

Terry shares with us intimate details of his mother‘s death and the fate of his brother Charles that reveals a sensitive person. Terry is also a bit reckless. Let‘s face it... Terry is lucky to be alive and not to have injured someone by his lack of judgement. Terry is an interesting person and well worthy of a book dedicated to him, yet it all depends on how open he is to the ghost writer, in this case John Richardson. Terry is brutally honest and his tales makes you laugh out loud, cringe as well but on the whole enjoy. His stories from his Newcastle days where he spent many years as an assistant to various managers seems to be the ones he enjoys most telling and they are very interesting. You get to know the various personalities who made up the Magpies‘ success. Terry‘s autobiography is well worth reading and is aptly titled. Terry's life has a number of outrageous moments! "Living for the Moment" can be obtained from all good bookshops and on Amazon and Sport Media‘s website.

Book review by Arnie ([email protected])

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