Liverpool FC - The Premier League Years

Let’s talk about 28, baby!

After 28 years of Premier League football and 30 years from their previous league title, Liverpool FC have finally won that beautiful, long awaited trophy. Richard de la Riviere reviews Reds’ every season from 1992-93 to the latest campaign, which finished in a flash of glory.

Liverpool FC – The Premier League Years is a comprehensive almanac of all 1492 (!) LFC games in the Premier League era. Starting in the dark ages of Graeme Souness, through numerous ups and downs, until the great success of Jurgen Klopp who transformed our club into a real monster, overwhelming the opposition in the 2019-20 season. Nothing escapes his radar, he mentions literally every game, including European competitions, FA Cup and League Cup.

What was the starting line-up, who was injured and who scored the goals – fans are reminded about every detail and all the memories flood back. Liverpool’s mediocrity of the 90’s, the unexpected treble in 2001, ups and downs of the Rafalution, going back to mediocrity and finally, the most awaited part – Rock’n’Roll Football, served to all LFC supporters by a German manager wearing a baseball cap and a pair of glasses. Richard de la Riviere goes through hundreds of names and results – sometimes glorious, sometimes rather forgettable ones.

The book is full of facts and figures. Many of us love to read some off-the-pitch stories, though. Autobiographies of likes of Robbie Fowler, Jamie Carragher and Peter Crouch wouldn’t be the same without brilliant, lesser-known anecdotes. After all, we’ve already seen most of these games, haven’t we? If someone demands something else than the pure football here, he’ll be a bit disappointed. On around 450 pages, the author focuses almost entirely on the events that happened on the pitch and in the dressing room. Some will find it exciting, some others might find it slightly boring – as always, various readers have various expectations.

„Liverpool FC – The Premier League Years” is more of an encyclopedia than a novel. Younger fans can use it to find out how good (or how bad) particular Liverpool footballers were and what were the defining moments in players’ and managers’ careers. Also, if you are trying to recall details of the game which you watched some 20 years ago, it is a great place to find these. We have all been there at least once, trying to recall a goalscorer from what would seem an old and meaningless game, haven’t we?

The author has put a lot of work into this piece. 6 years passed from an early idea to the official release date. De la Riviere took an advantage of the fact that Jurgen Klopp had turned Liverpool FC into the world conquerors, so his book eventually got a very happy ending. I think he might be quite satisfied with the final result – both on the pitch and on paper.

You can obtain a copy of the book here or in various bookstores.

Written by Maciej Konofol -


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