Review of Liverpool's Newspaper history

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Historic Newspapers is a back-issue newspaper company that holds the world’s largest archive of original newspapers. Unforgettable victories and unique moments are collected in the form of the original match reports and headlines that broke the news in this Liverpool Newspaper history book that features pages from the Daily Mirror. From 1906 when Liverpool won their second First Division title right up to their precious 3-0 win over Middlesbrough that guarenteed Champions League football in 2017, this superb leatherette/leather hand bound book (depending on which option you take) is top class quality right through. Each can be embossed with the recipient’s name for a nice finishing touch. The book contains a minimum of 29% colour pages, created from the highest quality digital editions.

Available now is their Pictorial Special Edition, especially designed with three pictorial sections. As well as quality black and white images, there are premium colour pictures in each section. This HUGE (38cm x 31cm) newspaper sized Liverpool Football Book can also be made extra special by adding any name and message to a unique certificate on the title page, at no extra charge! The Liverpool FC Newspaper Book offers a rich and fascinating insight into the team’s past, spanning right up to the present. The beauty of it being created from newspaper reports at the time is that you get a unique window into how events were viewed as they unfolded. 

The Daily Mirror was founded in 1903 so the first season that is displayed is 1905/1906 when Liverpool won the First Division title again, five years after securing their first league title. The book swiftly moves on through the following decades, making a stop in 1923, 1935 and 1947 before entering the sixties when Bill Shankly revolutionized the club. The book doesn't miss a beat and covers all of Liverpool's glories as well as documenting the arrival of King Kenny and Rafa and an acknowledgement of Jürgen Klopp's influence. I can't speak highly enough of this production. It is simply stunning! I would definitely recommend adding this to your Liverpool book collection.

Amazing Liverpool History - as Reported at the Time - ORDER HERE

Book review by Arnie ([email protected])


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