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Shoot! Focus on Bruce Grobbelaar 9 December 2009

Shoot! focuses Liverpool's Jungleman Bruce Grobbelaar in 1982.

Alan Hansen Shoot! Focus 8 December 2009

A classic 1981 focus on Scotland's finest.

Shoot! Super Focus on Phil Thompson 7 December 2009

A nostalgic look at a Shoot profile of Thommo.

Wark On 30 November 2009

John Wark's name, reputation and career command respect. This book is a fascinating summary of an outstanding club career with Ipswich Town, Liverpool and Middlesbrough.

Scottish internationals at Liverpool 25 November 2009

Liverpool had a large number of Scotsmen in the early years of the club, but only 22 out of 44 Scottish internationals on the internationals' list were at Liverpool when they represented Scotland.

England internationals at Liverpool 24 November 2009

The owner of Bill Shankly's desk 20 November 2009

There was a lot of tension in the room when Bill Shankly's historical desk was put up for auction last year.

Listen to Bill Shankly's favourite songs 17 November 2009

According to Shankly's granddaughter, Bill used to listen faithfully to the same catalogue of songs before a big match to prepare himself mentally.

A timeline for Liverpool Football Club 16 November 2009

A comfortable tool for Reds to go through the life of Liverpool Football Club.

Winners in Dicky Sams competition 12 November 2009

We want to thank those who participated in our quiz and tried to win a copy of "Dicky Sams - Liverpool in blue and white."

Shankly's Anfield farewell 8 November 2009

Shankly said his final goodbyes to Liverpool fans at his testimonial amid scenes that will be forever etched in everyone's memory who was so lucky to be at Anfield on Tuesday evening 29th April 1975.

The Remarkable Story of Liverpool FC's Greatest Ever League Title Triumph 6 November 2009

Order a copy of the story of the first post-war Football League campaign of 1946/47 which was the longest and most tumultuous ever known.

Paul Tomkins on Bill Shankly 3 November 2009

Paul Tomkins' book, Dynasty, is a reassessment and an in-depth analysis of every manager of the club over the last 50 years.

Dicky Sams: Liverpool FC in blue and white 26 October 2009

Norwegian Kjell Hanssen has meticulously gone through old newspaper archives and come up with a fascinating diary of the first five years of Liverpool Football Club's existence.

Liverpool's best winning run - Top 10 23 October 2009

After looking at Liverpool's worst ever run in terms of games lost, we thought we could brighten your day by looking at Liverpool's best ever run in terms of games won.

Liverpool's worst losing run - Top 10 22 October 2009

Liverpool are on a four game losing streak. God forbid Liverpool lose their fifth vs United, which hasn't happened since 1953. Look at Liverpool's worst losing streaks.

Paul Tomkins on Dirk Kuyt 16 October 2009

For all his supposed shortcomings, and lingering critics, Dirk Kuyt is absolutely critical to the way Liverpool play.

The Irish Kop 14 October 2009

The Irish Kop is a tribute from the heart of Anfield to those amazing fans who go to incredible lengths to follow Liverpool FC.

A Liverpool view of the Heysel Stadium Tragedy 12 October 2009

The following is a sample chapter from Chris Rowland's forthcoming book, From Where I Was Standing: A Liverpool View of the Heysel Stadium Tragedy.

A complete list of internationals at Liverpool 11 October 2009

235 internationals, who have featured for 38 nations, have played for Liverpool. Emiliano Insúa became the latest member on this elite list when he made his debut for Argentina vs Peru last night.

George Allan's and Fatty Foulke's legendary duel 5 October 2009

One of Liverpool's first star forwards, George Allan, was involved in a colorful incident with Sheffield United's goalkeeper, William Fatty Foulke which gained legendary status.

Thompson and Shankly 28 September 2009

The relationship between Bill Shankly and the two-footed wizard winger, Peter Thompson, was quite complicated.

Geoff Twentyman: Secret Diary of a Liverpool Scout 25 September 2009

For any Liverpool supporter with an interest in the club's rich history, this is one of those "must-read" books!

GESET - Oldkopite in 1977 16 September 2009

GESET - Liverpool's first-ever European Final in 1966 16 September 2009

GESET - UEFA Cup win 1973 16 September 2009

GESET - Parc des Princes 1997 by Digger 16 September 2009

GESET - Notte cela di Roma 2001 16 September 2009

GESET - ROMA 2001 Cherith's Story 16 September 2009

GESET - El Blocko's Story of Alaves 16 September 2009

GESET - My favourite songs 16 September 2009

Paul Tomkins on Bob Paisley 14 September 2009

Paul Tomkins' book, Dynasty, is a reassessment and an in-depth analysis of every manager of the club over the last 50 years.

Download two great songs in honour of Shankly 11 September 2009

Paul Wilkes is a singer/songwriter from Liverpool who is a big fan of Bill Shankly. He wrote two great songs in Shankly's honour. Have a look at to find more about this promising artist.

Dixie Dean and Elisha Scott - Friends and Enemies 7 September 2009

The Everton legend, Dixie Dean was Reds' chief tormentor in the 20's and 30's. Elisha Scott was Liverpool's custodian when Dixie was running amok and one of the greatest goalkeepers in Liverpool's history.

Walter Wadsworth - The original hard man! 25 August 2009

Before the likes of Gerry Byrne, Ron Yeats, Tommy Smith and Jamie Carragher, the defender who had his opponents shaking in their boots was Liverpool's original hard man, Walter Wadsworth from Bootle.

Ayala, Kyrgiakos and Johnson by Paul Tomkins 24 August 2009

Paul Tomkins on the new defenders: Daniel Ayala, Sotirios Kyrgiakos and Glen Johnson.

Liverpool Squad Review 2009/10 by Paul Tomkins 11 August 2009 is excited to be publishing Paul Tomkins' blogs. He's the best columnist there is on all matters concerning Liverpool FC.

Adios Alonso by Paul Tomkins 5 August 2009 is excited to be publishing Paul Tomkins' blogs from now on. He's the best columnist there is on all matters concerning Liverpool FC and has written quite a number of books on the club.

Red Race - Paul Tomkins' latest book 24 July 2009

The Juggernaut Effect: Dalglish vs Ferguson / Ferguson vs Benítez is the name of this sample chapter of Red Race that can only be ordered on

E-raffle to support Liddell Memorial 28 June 2009

The Billy Liddell Memorial Group have been doing a tremendous job preserving the memory of one of Liverpool's greatest players by having a lasting memorial erected in Billy's home village of Townhill.