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3 June 2014I don't know what it is but I love it: Liverpool's Unforgettable 1983-84 Season

Our very own, Chris Wood, reviews Tony Evans' new book. More

2 June 2014Your vote matters!

The British Newspaper Archives are an online service that digitise old newspapers and make them available online. More

2 June 2014Profile of Rickie Lambert

If Liverpool Football Club had made a move to sign Rickie Lambert five years ago, nobody would have shown the slightest surprise. More

20 April 2014Gerrard cementing his place as Liverpool's greatest

Reds have got used to Steven George Gerrard creating or breaking records and setting new standards since his debut in Liverpool’s first team at the end of November, 1998. More

28 February 2014Read all about Liverpool!

This review of The Liverpool Encyclopedia is by Jacqueline Wadsworth, granddaughter of Liverpool hard man, Walter Wadsworth. Published in the sadly defunct Well Red magazine December 2013. More

21 February 2014The art of shooting

When one of Liverpool's greatest goalscorers reveals "The Art of Shooting" you sit up and listen. Published in the Exeter and Plymouth Gazette on 27 September 1930. More

12 December 2013New Reds book is a treasure trove

Dave Prentice's interview that was published in the Liverpool Echo on Monday the 18th of November + a web-interview for Echo's site. Emphasis on the book and our website More

29 November 2013Anatomy of Liverpool

Chris Wood approached The Anatomy of Liverpool with a certain amount of trepidation, despite knowing that Mister Wilson is recognised as being one of the finest sports-writers of our time. More

25 November 2013Joey Jones - Shakes his fist had a very entertaining talk with the one and only Joey Jones, who was a cult hero at Liverpool for three years. More

21 November 2013"The ultimate contender"

The Liverpool Encyclopedia was reviewed by Click Liverpool. More

20 November 2013The Official Treasures of Liverpool FC

Our very own, Chris Wood, reviews a recently updated book, "The Official Treasures of Liverpool FC". More

18 November 2013Red All Over The World

Our very own, Chris Wood, reviews Steve Horton's new book, "Red All Over The World: Liverpool FC on Tour." More

14 November 2013Red Machine

Our very own, Chris Wood, reviews Simon Hughes' new book, "Red Machine: Liverpool FC in the 1980s". More

12 November 2013Arnie and Gudmundur on the Anfield Wrap on City Talk 105.9

They joined host Neil Atkinson, Gareth Roberts and John Gibbons in the tower on Anfield Wrap's radio show. More

7 November 2013Liverpool Encyclopedia signing with legends

The Liverpool Encyclopedia signing will be on Saturday 9 November at 11am in Waterstone's, Liverpool One. More

30 October 2013The Encyclopedia according to the Bib Theorists

"The Encyclopedia is truly is a wonderful product of what must have been countless hours of research from Arnie Baldursson and Gudmundur Magnusson," says Ste Hoare. More

25 October 2013Arnie interviewed on The Tomkins Times

Paul Grech interviewed the co-author of The Liverpool Encyclopedia and the editor of this very site, Arnie Baldursson. From 21 October 2013 More

21 October 2013Launch the Encyclopedia with the Anfield Wrap! - SOLD OUT!

The Liverpool Encyclopedia will be launched on 7th November with the fantastic Anfield Wrap as your host! A FREE entertaining event ahead at The Leaf on Bold Street. Get your ticket here! More

19 October 2013Suarez plays his 100th game

Luis Suarez has scored 54 goals in 100 games for Liverpool. Who has scored most goals after a century of matches for the club? More

18 October 2013Pictorial celebration of Liverpool's Hall of Fame

LIVERPOOL FC’s official Hall of Fame was first unveiled in 2002 when Ian Callaghan, Phil Thompson, Brian Hall and Alan Hansen discussed the merits of each candidate before selecting two players from each decade. More

14 October 2013World map with Liverpool players

This map was made by Red Ray Wilson based on information available on on players who have represented the club at senior level. More

11 October 2013'The Liverpool Encyclopedia a masterpiece', says Liverpool Echo

David Prentice, Liverpool Echo's deputy head of sport gave our book a glowing tribute in his column today. The book being compared to the Mona Lisa ain't so bad, is it? More

10 October 2013How does Sturridge compare with Liverpool's best?

In Daniel Sturridge's first 25 games for Liverpool there has not been a more prolific striker at that juncture since 1914. But who is on top of that list? Revealed! - the 15 most prolific strikers after playing a quarter of a century of games for the Reds. More

7 October 2013Our Encyclopedia reviewed by This is Anfield

One of the biggest Liverpool sites in existence, has published a review of The Liverpool Encyclopedia, written by the prolific Matt Ladson. More

4 October 2013Order Liverpool Encyclopedia - first reaction

Here you can order the Liverpool Encyclopedia from deCoubertin books, written by the editor and webmaster of See what readers have been saying about this brand new publication. More

3 October 2013Ex-Reds Remembered

Chris Wood shares his opinion on the new book by Steven Speed. More

18 September 2013These Turbulent Times - Review

Chris Wood shares his opinion on the new book by Paul Tomkins (and various authors) More

2 September 2013Happy 100th birthday Shankly!

It's safe to say that outside Shankly's family nobody knew Bill Shankly as well as Bob Paisley. Here are his recollections of the great man. More

1 August 2013Red or Dead

Chris Wood shares his opinion on the latest Shankly book by David Peace More

22 July 2013A signed special edition of our new book!

SIGNED BY 10 SHANKLY LEGENDS! "Our Liverpool Encyclopedia Legends Edition is the most stunning book we've ever made!" - deCoubertin books. More

19 July 2013Like I Say: The Story of the 2012-13 season

Chris Wood shares his opinion on Dave Usher's new book. More

3 July 2013Welcome Kolo!

Kolo Touré is very vocal on the pitch and a good organiser of the defence, sorely needed after Carragher's retirement. More

18 June 20132010-2013: Second Class European Citizens

The latest chapter in our "Liverpool in Europe" series. More

11 June 2013Craig Bellamy: GoodFella

Chris Wood shares his opinion on the new Craig Bellamy book More

29 May 2013Dedication to Joe Fagan

28 years ago today Joe Fagan stepped down as manager of Liverpool Football Club after 25 years of service. More

15 April 2013Remember the 96!

15th April 1989 will forever be imprinted on the minds of Liverpool supporters. More

3 April 2013Barnesmania - Paisley's opinion on John Barnes

Bob Paisley gives his expert view of Liverpool's newcomer John Barnes. Has there ever been a better judge of a player? More

21 March 2013An audience with Liverpool legends

Liverpool fans can pencil in two theatre dates featuring Anfield legends live on stage this spring. More

20 March 2013Shankly: The Lost Diary

Chris Wood shares his opinion on the new Shankly book. More

18 March 2013Liverpool FC Match By Match

Chris Wood shares his opinion on Liverpool FC Match By Match More