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Elisha Scott - 1915-34: Derby Days 2 December 2018

As Elisha Scott entered the home dressing- room at Anfield before one of his 20 derby days between 1915 and 1934, the story goes that he was greeted by a brown paper bag with his name written on it. Inside was a bottle of aspirin with a note attached that read: "I think you might be needing these — yours, Dixie."

Jamie Carragher - Bootle boy done good 13 October 2018 was fortunate enough to spend a fair bit of time recently with Jamie and his dad, Philly, who is a legend in his own right! on the Kick-off with Steve Hothersall 4 October 2018 is very happy to have linked up with Steve Hothersall's Kick-off show on Radio City Talk.

What's The Score? Seven-Four! 26 September 2018

Just over 72 years ago, war was over and football was back. September of the 1946/47 season would bring Chelsea to Anfield for what would be remembered as a milestone moment, with an amazing scoreline, in LFC history.

deCoubertin Books publishes Bruce Grobbelaar’s autobiography 21 September 2018

deCoubertin Books are excited to announce the publication of the autobiography of legendary Liverpool goalkeeper, Bruce Grobbelaar, Life in a Jungle.

Give legends a worthy resting place 17 May 2018

Kieran Smith leads a noble effort to give the legends of Liverpool Football Club a proper resting place.

Mr Liverpool - special price just for you my friend! 1 March 2018

A year has passed since our biography on Ronnie Moran was published by Sport Media that offers you now to buy's third book for only £13.99.

The Red Journey: Oral history 16 November 2017

This book is the latest offering from Mark Platt who from variety of sources and his own interviews offers insight into the minds of those who have graced Liverpool Football Club's history.

A Banquet Without Wine 7 September 2017

Anthony Stanley’s account of how Liverpool fell from their perch in the 90s is truly excellent.

Sami Hyypia - The rock at the back 25 August 2017

LFChistory had a frank discussion with the simply brilliant Sami Hyypia, a fantastic player and a genuine fella.

Review of Liverpool's Newspaper history 27 June 2017

Historic Newspapers is a back-issue newspaper company that holds the world’s largest archive of original newspapers.

Review of Quiet Genius 9 June 2017

The question is what Ian Herbert, who is the Independent's chief sportswriter and former deputy editor of the Liverpool Daily Post, can add to Bob Paisley's legacy.

Terry lives for the moment 13 May 2017

A review of Terry McDermott's autobiography.

RIP Mr Liverpool 22 March 2017

Only three weeks ago the book we wrote about Ronnie Moran "Mr Liverpool" was published. This morning Ronnie passed away.

Rare and unseen pictures of Berry Nieuwenhuys 19 March 2017 is pleased to be able to share with you these images that are from Carole Jean Richards, Berry Nieuwenhuys' daughter.

Mr Liverpool out now! 13 February 2017 presents its third book, that follows The Complete Record and Liverpool Encyclopedia.

Bob Paisley - This is your Life discovered!! 6 December 2016

The original recordings of the show from 1977 had been destroyed and it was only in the faint hope that someone who had recorded this on VHS back in 1977 would one day upload this. That has finally come true!!

Liverpool Captains. A Journey of Leadership from the Pitch 6 December 2016 highly recommends Ragnhild's latest book that focuses on the captains of Liverpool FC.

An audience with legends 2 December 2016

Here are two ideal shows to book tickets to.. Great idea for Christmas gifts. Hosted by John Keith, who as a reporter, was part of Bill Shankly's inner circle when he reigned at Liverpool.

5 league titles and a packet of crisps 27 October 2016

As soon as I got word that Mark Donaldson at ESPN was writing his colleague’s memoir named appropriately "5 league titles and a packet of crisps," I was very excited to see the finished product,

A Big Pole in Our Goal 11 September 2016

The story of THE HERO of Istanbul.

Howard Gayle - A pioneer and an activist 7 September 2016

Howie Gayle is a trailblazer, an idealistic man who tried to break through at Liverpool FC at the height of their success.

Ring of Fire - Liverpool FC into the 21st Century 30 August 2016

Simon Hughes' latest publication in his trilogy of the modern history of Liverpool Football Club.

Bruce Grobbelaar - 13 medals in 13 years 5 August 2016 wanted to get to know the man behind the myth and what drives Bruce Grobbelaar.

And The Sun Shines Now by Adrian Tempany 3 June 2016

Many might perceive this to be “just another Hillsborough book”. But it is more than that. Much more

View from the people - Jimmy McGovern 24 March 2016

Jimmy McGovern wrote the screenplay for "Hillsborough", his wonderfully evocative screenplay about the eponymous 1989 tragedy.

Rob Jones - Right-back destined for the top 18 March 2016

Rob talks to about the highs and lows of his remarkable playing career.

Shankly on the Kop 15 March 2016

16 months after leaving the managerial seat at Liverpool, Shankly returned to watch his beloved Liverpool on the Kop among the Reds faithful on 22 November 1975.

The Liverpool Academy 28 February 2016

Rob Jones very kindly invited to join him at the Liverpool Academy in Kirkby where he currently works as a mentor to the youngsters.

The Shankly hotel 26 February 2016

LFChistory had the great opportunity to spend an evening at the recently opened Shankly hotel in Victoria Street in Liverpool.

Michael Robinson - leaving Liverpool for Spain - Part 2 9 February 2016 recently met former striker Michael Robinson in Madrid and had a good chat with him about his career.

The Untold Story of Billy Howard - Part 2 2 February 2016

Last week we introduced you to Billy Howard, an ardent Kopite who also had the pleasure and privilege to be on Liverpool Football Club's books. We hope you will enjoy reading this article as much as we enjoyed interviewing this gentleman.

The Untold Story of Billy Howard 29 January 2016

Greats like Billy Howard have gone by unnoticed, since they never really made an impact on Liverpool FC's first team, but have given so much to the community of Liverpool, working with the local kids and helping them develop through football.

Roy Evans - 35 years of pure dedication 16 January 2016

Roy Evans; youth player, first-team player, kit washer, physio, coach, reserve and first-team manager of Liverpool Football Club. An exclusive interview by

Hail the 1922 Champions 4 January 2016

The Athletic News, 24 April 1922.

Michael Robinson - joining his boyhood club 30 December 2015

LFChistory had the rare opportunity of spending an evening with Michael Robinson, a warm individual who possesses such an abundance of intelligence and enthusiasm towards sport and life in general.

Vic Gill - I Could Have Been a Contender - part 3 21 December 2015

This is the final part of Vic's story of being at LFC when it ascended to the top of English football after a decade and a half in the doldrums. Vic was also about to become a part of Bill Shankly's family.

Vic Gill - I Could Have Been a Contender - part 2 15 December 2015

The life of 16-year-old Victor Gill took a dramatic turn when Bill Shankly took over at Liverpool Football Club.

Golden tickets for exclusive access to Liverpool Euro legends 11 December 2015

Nick Tanner has provided with two pairs of Golden tickets for the European Legends Tour to give away.

View from the people - Brian Bentley 10 December 2015

The former editor of Teamtalk has certainly a tale or two to tell from his years of supporting the Reds.