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Ruddock breaks Andy Cole's legs 1 October 2003

Andy Cole has slammed Liverpool's Neil Ruddock for the tackle that cracked both his legs and put him out of football for at least three months.

Neil Mellor - Evidently he loves it 26 September 2003

Neil Mellor interviewed by

Michael Owen makes Euro history 25 September 2003

Michael Owen scored his 21st goal in European competitions versus Olimpia Ljubljana in Slovenia.

Ian Rush - The greatest goalscorer 21 September 2003

An exclusive interview with Ian Rush by

Shankly's arrival 12 September 2003

Mr Bill Shankly, manager of Huddersfield Town was last night appointed manager of Liverpool Football Club in succession to Mr Phil Taylor, who resigned on November 17.

Star finder file 8 September 2003

Jamie Redknapp was spotlighted in Shoot's star finder file in 1990.