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Ian St John - Raging Bull 7 April 2009 had the great pleasure of interviewing the Saint. I was a bit unprepared for our talk, but considering the circumstances coped pretty well.

Hillsborough single out today! 6 April 2009

Visit the official 'Fields of Anfield Road' website where you can find details of how to buy the new Hillsborough single.

An evening with Bob Paisley 25 March 2009

Liverpool fan, John Martin, has seen a game or two in his lifetime and got the chance to talk to Bob Paisley at length about his glorious Liverpool career.

Beautiful Billy Liddell hand painted figure 22 March 2009

RCL Sporting Ceramic Icons have launched their latest sporting figure which is of the one and only Billy Liddell.

Shankly's final interview 18 March 2009

Bill Shankly's final interview was published in the Liverpool Echo seven years after he retired from Liverpool on 13th July 1981. Three and a half months later Shankly retired from this world.

60 mins with Steven Gerrard 17 March 2009 has exclusive access to's "60 minutes" interviews in text-format. Read this great in-depth interview with Liverpool's captain.

The Great Bill Shankly by George Scott 10 March 2009

After dinner speakers have for years immortalised the many stories of Bill Shankly. Here are some of the lesser known stories, many of which I can personally bear witness to from my time at Anfield between 1960 and 1965.

Why did Bill Shankly retire? 25 February 2009

Bill Shankly loved football so much, that his decision to retire from the game in 1974 sent shock waves round the world. Shankly had his reasons.

Liddell and Paisley make their League debut 17 February 2009

Liverpool's game vs Chelsea on 7th of September 1946 was remarkable for various reasons.

Billy wins his only League title in 1947 11 February 2009

Billy won his only championship with Liverpool in quite unusual circumstances after a spectacular finish to the 1946-47 season.

Interview with Ray Kennedy from Retro Reds 10 February 2009

Retro Reds interviewed old favourite Ray Kennedy in 2008 and we wanted to share with you this excellent interview.

A fantastic 4-0 cup win vs. Everton 3 February 2009

Liverpool's win over Everton in the fourth round of the FA Cup on 29th January 1955 turned out to be one of their most surprising and most satisfying wins ever vs. their blue neighbours.

Bob Paisley's opinion on Billy Liddell 28 January 2009

Bob Paisley joined Liverpool in May 1939, 10 months after Liddell had moved from Scotland to Liverpool. They built a friendship that lasted a lifetime.

The biggest cup upset in Liverpool's history 26 January 2009

15th of January 2009 was the 50th anniversary of Worcester's FA Cup win over Liverpool in 1959.

Are Liverpool right to leave out Liddell? 21 January 2009

David Jack talks to a puzzled player in 1958.

Is Reina the best keeper in Liverpool's history? 16 January 2009

Tom Mallows puts the spotlight on our fantastically consistent number one.

Rena Liddell - Sister of Liverpool legend Billy 14 January 2009

LFChistory's exclusive interview with Rena Liddell, Billy's sister.

Adrian Killen - An LFC museum at home 7 January 2009

Anfield tour guide, Adrian Killen, is a memorabilia collector par excellance and has experienced quite a lot supporting the Reds for over 50 years.

Elisha Scott - Ever so solid guardian 22 December 2008

Elisha Scott is without a doubt one of the greatest goalkeepers in Liverpool's history. His career spanned an astonishing 22 years from his arrival in September 1912 until he left in June 1934.

Donald Mackinlay - The captain speaks out 17 December 2008

Few came tougher than Scottish full-back Donald MacKinlay who was a player at Anfield from 1909-1929 and Liverpool's captain from 1921-1928.

Alex Raisbeck - Liverpool's first superstar 16 December 2008

Victor Hall painted a vivid picture of "Alexander the great" in the Liverpool Echo 15 years after he had left Liverpool.

Tom Watson - A most beloved man 10 December 2008

Tom Watson deserves his place among the greatest managers in Liverpool's history and he was clearly one of the most beloved figures that have ever graced the football club.

Dynasty: The Joe Fagan Years 1983-1985 4 December 2008

Paul Tomkins's latest book, Dynasty, is a reassessment of every manager of the club over the last 50 years.

The Silent Sam Hardy 3 December 2008

Liverpool legends tries to give a fresh insight into the stars while revealing their thoughts and background that you might have not known about before.

John Aldridge - A born goalmachine 26 November 2008 caught up with Aldo to have a quick chat on his colorful career at Liverpool.

Phil Thompson - Coach of his beloved Reds 19 November 2008

One week ago we featured the first part of our Tommo exclusive. Now he talks to us about his time as coach and manager of Liverpool.

Extraordinary footage of Liverpool in action 1901-1902! 18 November 2008

These unique clips are courtesy of the British Film Institute from the Mitchell & Kenyon Collection.

Phil Thompson - Kirkby lad who gave his all 12 November 2008

This is the first part of our exclusive interview with the great Phil Thompson. Now we focus on his playing career, reflecting on his coaching years in our second part published a week from now.

Ian Callaghan - The Marathon man 22 October 2008

Ian Callaghan is literally synonymous with Liverpool's history. interviewed this fantastic legend.

Robbie Keane 5th slowest to his debut goal 9 October 2008

The media had put unfair pressure on Robbie Keane getting his first goal, Liverpool fans knew he would come good.

1901-1906: A rise from 2nd division to the title! 2 October 2008

In 1904 Liverpool had been relegated to 2nd division only three years after winning the title for the first time. Liverpool were on their way to an amazing success!

1000th Premiership goal on the way 29 September 2008 unlike several sources doesn't believe that football began its existence when the Premiership was launched...but will acknowledge that a certain milestone relating to the Premiership is coming up.

1899-1901: Liverpool champions for the first time! 24 September 2008

Liverpool won the league in the 1900-01 season. We give you unique insight into the local papers' reports and celebration of this glorious feat!

Stoke return to Anfield 18 September 2008

Stoke's match at Anfield takes place on September 20th. They also played at Anfield on this exact date in 1969 which was quite a historical period for both clubs.

1896-1899: A new exciting era at Liverpool 16 September 2008

Liverpool FC wear red for the first time. The most successful manager in the country takes over and brings his magic touch to the 'Reds' bringing them tantalizingly close to a league and cup double.

Paul Tomkins - Author extraordinaire 15 September 2008

Paul Tomkins has released his latest book on Liverpool FC, "Dynasty". got to know the man behind the writer and also what Dynasty is all about.

Liverpool on way to best ever Premiership start 14 September 2008

Following a convincing win vs. United, the fact is if we beat Stoke next week, that will be our best start after five games in the Premiership.

1893-1896: Liverpool rocking between 2nd and 1st division 9 September 2008

After winning the Lancashire league Liverpool's climb up the league ladder started in 2nd division. A real fairytale season was ahead and the club's biggest game to date against the most famous club in England in the FA Cup.

1892-1893: Liverpool go Scottish! 1 September 2008

We trace the beginnings of Liverpool FC, focusing now on the club's very first season in 1892-1893.

A new perspective on the birth of Liverpool FC 25 August 2008

It's pretty obvious that a website called LFChistory has to, sooner or later, tell the historic details of how the club was formed.