Timo Werner Unveils His Future Plans: What Does It Mean for Liverpool?

Timo Werner, Leipzig’s striker, has decided to share interesting bits and pieces of information regarding his professional career. As it turns out, he’s strongly considering coming to England, which means that Liverpool has been effectively put on notice.

20 goals in 20 matches is nothing to be scoffed at

Judging from this season’s Bundesliga results, Werner has been absolutely astonishing. In a grand total of 20 Bundesliga matches that he played, he single-handedly scored as many as 20 goals, which is a feat worth praising. Since he is only 23 years old, many great things are still in front of him, as is the peak of his career.

Scoping the clubs that would gladly take him in, he is eyeing the options available, out of which Liverpool arguably stands out the most. To leave guessing out of the equation, he has already publicly expressed his interest in the Premier League, which means the club is all ears.

As indicated by some of his recent comments, he is quite aware of his achievements as a striker and wouldn’t be surprised if someone had already noticed. 

Focusing on the task at hand

Uncertain about what the future may bring, Werner is sure of one thing: important matches are on the horizon and he needs to show his A-game to prevail in the tides of battle. But he is not the kind of guy who would get lost in his own thoughts while contemplating the future. Instead, he wants to focus on what’s here and now. For the time being, this means giving his 100% focus on the games that still await.

Liverpool sits at the top of the list

As of right now, Liverpool is one of the strongest favorites to take down the Champions League and become the champion. At the end of the day, getting an invitation from such a giant is hard to refuse.

With that being said, Werner is still very much open to opportunities, regardless of where they may come from. But he does see himself playing abroad, it’s just that he likes to keep his options open and doesn’t narrow his focus on any particular club.

His recent trip to America exposed him to English football – judging from the way he put it, not an hour went by without someone tuning in. Suddenly, the Premier League is that much harder to ignore if it keeps on stealing your attention all day long.

Awakening the beast within

Either way, if Liverpool does join forces with Werner, this would be a signing to remember. At only 23 years of age, coupled with fantastic mentorship he is bound to get there, his football skills are set to reach mind-numbing heights. Unlike many of his peers, he doesn’t hold back when approaching the goal, almost as if he had a beast inside of him that’s waiting to be unleashed.

The thing is, can anyone convince him to make his humble beginnings as a squad player? Is he willing to make the adjustments necessary to fit in and write history? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, be sure to stay tuned and follow the recent news surrounding Werner and Liverpool. 

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Written by Alan Spencer


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