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Mottman on LFChistory 29 November 2004

Robbie Ashcroft aka Mottman is well known on the web. He's written quite a lot about his experiences following his dearly beloved Liverpool and is one of the best writers on the net.

Unique Programmes: Shankly Arrives 22 November 2004

Having previously reviewed what is probably the most valuable Liverpool home match programme in monetary terms it is now worth looking at one that could be seen as being the most valuable in historic terms – that which saw Bill Shankly’s first match in charge of the Reds.

Paisley says King Kenny is the best 21 November 2004

Bob Paisley's view of Kenny Dalglish.

The letter from Shankly 18 November 2004

Chris Wood received a letter from Shankly, visited him at his home and met him on a few different occasions. Here are his recollections of the GREAT man.

Unique Programmes: Newcastle away 15 November 2004

On October 4th 1930 Liverpool travelled to St James Park to play Newcastle United in a Division One fixture.

RIP Emlyn Hughes 10 November 2004

Brian Glanville remembers Crazy Horse in The Guardian on 10th November 2004.

Unique Programmes: Middlesbrough 1939 8 November 2004

The 1939-40 Football League programme was only three games old when war was declared on September 3rd and the competition abandoned.

Unique Programmes: Blackburn in FA Cup 1 November 2004

Pre-war football programmes have always been highly sought after, with certain clubs issues being harder to obtain than others.

Mølby's jailhouse rock part 2 31 October 2004

Mølby plays football in jail and faces an uncertain future with the Reds.

Exclusive: Missed penalties and red cards lists 27 October 2004

We have created a lot of lists from our database, but some lists you cannot create from facts such as missed penalties and red cards.

How Shankly helped St John to avoid a suspension 26 October 2004

Chris Wood has been looking into aspects of LFC statistics for LFChistory that are often difficult to find and difficult to check... like players sent off and missed penalties etc.

Football: Thomas turns the ignition for Liverpool drive 25 October 2004

The Independent press report from Liverpool - Norwich on 25.10.1992.

Unique Programmes: FA Youth Cup 25 October 2004

Once the programme collecting bug has well and truly bitten, many collectors move on from just focusing on first team related issues to obtaining programmes from any fixture featuring all levels of their chosen side.

Ged Rea: We haven't got it wrong 24 October 2004

Statistician Ged Rea (author of among others: Liverpool FC - The Ultimate book of stats and facts 1892-2001) answered our news report: "The Official LFC site got it wrong".

Paisley explains his controversial decision 20 October 2004

Rarely does the manager change his captain after the season starts. When Gerrard replaced Hyypia on 15th of October 2003 it was by no means a unique occurance at Anfield.

Unique programmes: 1977 EC Final Article 18 October 2004

Rome 1977 will always be associated with Liverpool Football Club.

The Official LFC site got it wrong 15 October 2004

The Official site of Liverpool got it wrong when saying that the game vs. Fulham on Saturday is going to be Liverpool's 4000th league game.

Paisley's opinion on Jan Molby 13 October 2004

Bob Paisley could always appreciate good footballers. Here he shares his views on the Great Jan Molby.

Kop Stories by Chris Wood 13 October 2004

Chris Wood is a veteran of 1000 LFC games and has just about seen anything.

Unique Programmes: The beginning 11 October 2004

The founding of Liverpool FC is closely linked with two people.

Shoot! Focus on Kevin MacDonald 10 October 2004

A Shoot! focus on "Albert" from 1985.

Shoot! Focus on Alan Kennedy 8 October 2004

An old focus from Shoot! on the left-back of old, who feels somebody owes him a drink.

Major site news: Mission completed! 7 October 2004

LFChistory has now the line-ups for every single season, from 1892 to 2004. 4874 games. 8423 goals. 623 players.

Unique Programmes: The First League Cup Win 4 October 2004

The 1980-81 season proved to be very memorable for both of today’s sides due to the success that they achieved. Aston Villa claimed the League Championship whilst Liverpool lifted the European Cup for the third time and won the League Cup for a first time.

Paisley's opinion on John Wark 1 October 2004

Bob Paisley had incredible insight. Here are his views on midfield goalscorer John Wark.

Unique Programmes: An Impressive Debut 27 September 2004

One of the all time greats for the Reds (and there have been quite a few) is Kenny Dalglish.

Added: 636 games with line-ups + 109 profiles 27 September 2004

636 games + 109 player profiles as LFChistory adds full line-ups and goalscorers from 1899-1900 to 1914-15.

Unique programmes: On tour in Europe 20 September 2004

The area of programme collecting that has seen the greatest increase in interest is the European away issue.

Erik Meijer - The big Dutchman 17 September 2004

Erik Meijer is still a popular figure with Liverpool fans because of his fighting spirit. The BIG Dutchman is now the captain of 2nd division Alemannia Aachen in Germany and he spoke exclusively to LFChistory about his Liverpool career.

The first European night at Anfield 14 September 2004

Forty years ago Liverpool played their first European game at Anfield Road.

477 games added to LFChistory with line-ups 13 September 2004

477 games from seasons 1919/20 - 1928/29 are now complete on LFChistory with line-ups & scorers. All players from seasons 1919-1929 have been added, a total of 55 new profiles.

444 new games with line-ups + 79 player profiles! 8 September 2004

Seasons 1929/30 - 1938/39 are now complete on LFChistory with line-ups & scorers. A total of 444 games. All players from seasons 1929-1939 have been added. That is a total of 79 new player profiles!

Unique programmes: Chelsea's first home game 3 September 2004

Liverpool hold a prominent place in Chelsea's history, being the first team to play them in a match at Stamford Bridge.

Wonder Wark 29 August 2004

Article from Shoot! in 1975.

Olympic gold for Liverpool 29 August 2004

Two Liverpool players have won Olympic gold medals!

Unique programmes: Two Legends Arrive 27 August 2004

The first post-war season of 1946-47 saw Liverpool being crowned as Champions of England. Their second home match pitted them against Chelsea.

Unique programmes: 1914 FAC Final 20 August 2004

Interest in the clubs great history has surged in the last few years. Having the match programme provides a direct link to the club's past and helps bring alive many memories of both the good times and the bad.

Detailed player profiles on LFChistory 19 August 2004

Chris Wood recently gave himself the enormous task of compiling profiles on every player who has represented Liverpool’s first team from the start in 1892 until the late-1980’s.

European debut in Iceland 17 August 2004

Forty years ago today Liverpool played their first European game in Iceland of all places.

Major site news on LFChistory 17 August 2004

All games from 1946 to 1959 have been added to LFChistory. This means you can go to Season archive and see details on all matches from 1945/46 to the current season.