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King Kenny torments Derby 21 October 2012

The Sunday Express press report on Derby County 1 - 3 Liverpool on 22.12.1979.

An article written by Liverpool's manager in 1899 17 October 2012

In July 1896 Liverpool pulled off a masterstroke by convincing the best manager in the country, Tom Watson, to leave Sunderland and join the Anfield brigade. Published in conjunction with

Steven Gerrard: My Liverpool Story 16 October 2012

Chris Wood's review of "Steven Gerrard : My Liverpool Story".

Liverpool celebrates its twenty-first birthday 10 October 2012

As usual the club enjoyed the hospitality of the Sandon, which had once been owned by John Houlding, founder of the club. Spirits were high this February evening in 1913. In conjunction with

Rafa Benitez: Champions League Dreams 9 October 2012

Chris Wood's review of "Champions League Dreams : Rafa Benitez" written in conjunction with Rory Smith.

Elisha Scott by Elisha Scott 6 October 2012

Published in Manitoba Free Press, Winnipeg, Canada on 23 October 1929.

The Seven-Year Itch: The Story Of Liverpool’s 1972-73 Season 4 October 2012

Chris Wood's review of Steve Horton's book about Liverpool's 1972-73 First Division Championship and UEFA Cup triumph.

When did an Everton full back play in goal for Liverpool? 3 October 2012 presents 30-year-old Everton player, George Jackson, who made history in Merseyside football.

Shut yer gob, wack! 25 September 2012

How was it to be among the Liverpool crowd in 1967? A reporter tried to experience it one afternoon. Published in conjunction with

It is better to be a live sparrow than a stuffed eagle 18 September 2012 brings us back to Melwood in August 1977 when there were many legends around, including the newly-signed Kenny Dalglish.

Liverpool’s 1914 FA Cup final through the ears of a blind man 11 September 2012

In conjunction with an astounding account of a blind man who "heard" the FA Cup final in 1914.

Liverpool History Now in eBook Format 4 September 2012

120 years after Liverpool’s first game – an 8-0 win over Higher Walton at Anfield in the Lancashire League – deCoubertin Books are delighted to announce publication of an acclaimed account of LFC history in eBook format.

Pop-singing goalkeeper shot to pieces at Anfield 4 September 2012

In conjunction with we present to you Petar Radenkovic who was not disheartened despite picking the ball eight times from his net at Anfield.

Nuri Sahin in profile 29 August 2012

A profile of Nuri Şahin who will no doubt strengthen Liverpool's ranks considerably. Also included a great video that gives us a glimpse at his fantastic career to date.

The King's Last Stand 30 July 2012

Chris Wood's review of "The King’s Last Stand: The Final March With Kenny’s Army" by David Usher.

Brendan Rodgers - Liverpool's Ulsterman takes over 1 June 2012

In being officially unveiled on 1 June 2012 as the man to replace Kenny Dalglish as manager of team affairs at Liverpool Football Club, 39-year-old Ulsterman Brendan Rodgers became the club’s youngest appointee to that position since Graeme Souness arrived as a 37-year-old in 1991.

Gary Ablett: The Game of My Life 15 May 2012

In essence this is a happy story because Gary Ablett was able to play football at a high level for many years. But it is not a story with a happy ending.

Cup final blues yet victorious by Wooltonian 3 May 2012

An excerpt from Derby Day Trilogy written by Wooltonian focusing on two FA Cup finals.

Liverpool and Everton clash in an FA Cup semi-final 13 April 2012

The tension was more than palpable when Merseyside neighbours Liverpool and Everton were drawn against each other in the FA Cup semi-finals in 1950.

All you need to know about the opposition! 4 April 2012

We have created individual pages for each team that Liverpool have faced in their illustrious history or done business with, 637 in total.

Opposition line-ups 13 March 2012 is thrilled to announce that its vast database now includes every single opposition player who has faced Liverpool Football Club since the first League season in 1893-1894. To date that is no less than 13,352 players!

Glen Johnson interview in the Daily Mail 8 March 2012

From the Daily Mail on 7th March 2012. By IAN LADYMAN.

Peter Thompson - Shankly's wing wizard 7 February 2012

When asked if I was ready to take a 550-mile round trip to spend a couple of hours with Peter Thompson in Kent, I said instantly 'Yes, I am going all-in.'

Billy and Barnes at Anfield 6 February 2012

It was a momentous occasion when one of the best players in the history of the club, rated by many supporters even as the very best, Billy Liddell, met Liverpool's talisman, John Barnes, in the early 90's, at Anfield.

Dominic Matteo: In my Defence 1 February 2012

Matteo's story is an interesting one where he has opened his heart and spoken very honestly about what he has achieved and, just as importantly, what he learnt from battling with the negative influences that surround the game.

The Didi Man: My Love Affair with Liverpool 25 January 2012

This book will make you laugh and occasionally cry (apart from crying with laughter, that is!) but above everything else it will make you glad that you read it as it's filled with warmth and happiness.

On the March with Kenny's Army 6 January 2012

Co-author Gary Shaw co-wrote “At The End Of The Storm”, which told the story of Liverpool winning the first championship after WWII. So he knew exactly how to approach a project like this.

Reaction to the Complete Record 20 December 2011

We want to share with you some of the feedback we've been receiving since the release of our book "Liverpool: The Complete Record."

A unique Gerrard poster for free with our book! 30 November 2011

"Buy Liverpool: The Complete Record" before 31 December at deCoubertin books and get a FREE limited edition Steven Gerrard Print!

The Team of All the Macs 27 November 2011

Alan Wilson’s “Team Of All The Macs” concentrates on the deliberate recruitment of Scottish players as the fledging Liverpool Football Club attempted to make an immediate impact.

1950 Cup final profiles 23 November 2011

From a souvenir brochure dedicated to the Liverpool players who fought for the FA Cup 1950.

The current transfer value of Liverpool players since 1992 8 November 2011

Graeme Riley, on whose meticulous research the excellent Pay As You Play was based and has published the annual Football in Europe, has joined the LFChistory team and will provide us with data that will enable us to go into much further detail on the site.

Pepe: My Autobiography 1 November 2011

A ‘good’ footballer might have an autobiography published after his career is over; a ‘great’ like Gerrard can get away with it while they are still playing and Royalty like Kenny Dalglish can publish a book any time they please. We can comfortably put José Manuel Reina into the second category.

All On Red 1 November 2011

A review of “All On Red” (10 Years At Anfield : A Liverpool Fan’s Dream Job) by Frank Gamble.

Listen to the Anfield Wrap 17 October 2011

We were on the brilliant Anfield Wrap podcast today with the usual suspects along with actor Scot Williams, impersonator Darren Farley and journalist Rory Smith.

Interview with Arnie in Liverpool Echo 10 October 2011

The co-author of "Liverpool: The Complete Record" and Editor of, Arnie Baldursson, was interviewed by the Liverpool Echo.

Liverpool: The Complete Record review from Well Red 5 October 2011

Review of Liverpool: The Complete Record by Jacqueline Wadsworth, granddaughter of Liverpool hard man, Walter Wadsworth, from the excellent Well Red magazine.

Listen to Shankly's memorial service 29 September 2011

30 years ago today Liverpool's greatest, Bill Shankly, died after suffering a heart attack.

Interview with Arnie in LFC Weekly 17 September 2011

An interview with our editor, Arnie Baldursson, recently published in Liverpool FC's weekly magazine.

Sebastian Coates - A giant of a man! 6 September 2011

Despite his young age, Sebastián Coates Nion already possesses quite a detailed CV.