Can Liverpool make a comeback and win Premier League?

Liverpool's 1-0 victory over Manchester City this past weekend has left the prospect wide open for an unpredictable title race for this year's Premier League. Only some of the most optimistic Arsenal supporters could possibly argue the suggestion that Manchester City could remain the favourites to win the title again this time round. Whilst the goals of Erling Haaland and the top experience of Pep Guardiola's team Gave Manchester City the leading edge, there is still a distinct sense that the Big Six and the emerging Newcastle United will be capable of seeing their ambitions realised this season. 

Arsenal can still have the ability to surprise everyone by emerging as the champions. The Tottenham Hotspurs won 2-0 against Everton on Saturday when it was confirmed that it was their best start to a season in the Premier League era. Antonio Conte's squad has so far managed to avoid being in the spotlight and the scrutiny that would come along with challenging for the title. With Harry Kane scoring nine goals in ten games and with Conte’s track record of winning titles in Italy and England, the Spurs are seen as contenders in their own right as they head to Manchester United on Wednesday and will offer a true gauge of their club's potential prospects this season. 

Bookmakers across the world, including bookmakers in Latvia, will no doubt be cashing in on this Premier League season as the competition keeps building. The Sports Betting world will be a buzz as the action concludes towards the end of the season. The hopes for the Liverpool team at this stage seem high, and punters will no doubt be casting their bets to see their teams take the trophy at the end.  

Tough competition 

Some of the victories that have racked up against Liverpool and Arsenal so far show that United can still rise to the occasion and therefore stay hopeful that they could bring home a cup and end a six-year drought. Newcastle being under Eddie Howe is seen as a big threat to the well-established Big Six due to the wealth Behind The Club with their Saudi Arabian-backed owners. In time Newcastle can dominate the scene as City has once done in recent years. 

United,  Arsenal and Liverpool have enjoyed some great successes but also some despair throughout the season. It is rare to see a Premier League season where all of the major clubs are well-positioned to potentially win something. Throughout the history of the Premier League competition, there has often been a few dominant teams with a couple in transition, whilst others lurch from one crisis to another. 

It seems that the stars are aligning For a lot of the top clubs to square off against each other during the same period, City might continue enjoying their dominance this season, but the 20 22-2023 season could end up being a campaign that will usher in a new era and could define what happens and who will win for the next decade. 

Written by Alan Spencer



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