LFC's most talked about moments of the decade

In the last decade so much has changed worldwide, for Liverpool fans. The last decade has been probably one of the most emotional rollercoasters the club has witnessed. In today's article, we go over the top moments!

The Financial Turmoil

Due to the unfortunate mismanagement of the previous Liverpool FC owners, the team started off the decade on a rough patch and potentially their last. Liverpool was being threatened by financial liquidation but Liverpool was eventually purchased by Fenway Sports Group.

Goodbye Torres, hello Suarez & Henderson

The 2011 season didn’t get off on the right foot either, Fernando Torres one of Liverpool's top scorers was sold off to bitter rivals Chelsea for a record-breaking £50 Million at the time. Despite the fact that Torres had already been declining over at Anfield it was a shocking departure that tore Liverpool fans' hearts in two.

Soon after in the same month, Luis Suarez was signed and picked up where Torres left off and bringing fans plenty of joy. Although Henderson was also signed in 2011 it didn’t raise eyebrows at the time but is now considered one of the club's best signings in recent times.

A Charge For The Title

It was 2014 and the season started with a bang, Liverpool looked strong. They even managed to convince Suarez to remain with the team. Suarez helped Liverpool defeat rivals Arsenal in a shocking 5-1 win at Anfield making for one of the most emotional victories of the decade. Celebrations did not end there as Liverpool beat Manchester City 3-2! Bookies such as LeoVegas football betting were going mad with all the Liverpool odds being broken!

Unfortunately, it was also the season that Gerrard had the unfortunate slip and Suarez's most controversial year yet which inevitably led to his departure for Barcelona. Despite mounting problems, the team managed to not only qualify for the Champions league but come second after 5 years of not being able to compete in the league.

2015 The Year Of Big Changes

2015 was a big year for Liverpool FC, it was Steven Gerrard's last year with the club. Probably one of the most emotional times for any Liverpool FC Fan. This became especially true when Gerrard's last game for the club was an embarrassing 6-1 defeat to Stoke City. Ultimately this led to the sacking of Brendan Rodgers and left the club in a temporary state of turmoil.

After a storm come sunny days, and so was the case for Liverpool FC with the signing of the now legendary Jurgen Klopp.

2019 Champions Once More

Losing out to Man City once more in the premier league was sure to strengthen hopes. The disappointment was quickly replaced with joy as Liverpool FC were on route to winning something far greater… The Champions League. Liverpool looked to have the game lost with 3-0 for Barcelona in the Champions League Semi-Finals Leg 1, but they overturned the game with a 4-0 win in Leg 2. They ultimately faced Tottenham for a 2-0 victory to become Champions of Europe once more!

Written by Alan Spencer


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