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1 June 2015Alex Raisbeck wants to leave Liverpool! - Chapter IV

Only two years had passed since Liverpool won the League Championship for the very first time, yet Raisbeck wanted to taste pastures new and ahead was a monumental struggle for the Reds. More

25 May 2015The adventures of Liverpool's first superstar - Chapter III

The terrible accident at Ibrox that rocked Raisbeck's world and the salary cap that ruined Liverpool's progress. More

18 May 2015Alex Raisbeck talks - Chapter II

"The very picture of a man was this. Beautifully made, possessing perfect movement when in action, and "golden topped" this flaxen-headed athlete at once became the cynosure of all eyes, both at home and abroad." Alex Raisbeck was no regular man! More

11 May 2015Alex Raisbeck - The Silent man of football speaks! - Chapter I

A first-hand account of Liverpool FC's daily life in the club's second decade virtually does not exist and importantly not a quote was on record from the club's first superstar; one Alexander Galloway Raisbeck. That is... until now. More

6 May 2015John Barnes - A beauty to behold

When John Barnes was at the top of his game there wasn't a more beautiful sight in football.You should never meet you heroes, the saying goes, but don't worry, John Barnes was a magnificent player and furthermore is a fantastic person. More

27 April 2015Liverpool’s beautiful imperfections

First published at A Numbers Game; a site that examines the "fascinating and often maddening world of football numbers." More

24 April 2015Men In White Suits: Liverpool FC in the 1990s

Artists usually try to follow up initial success with something similar or something better. More

9 April 2015Reuben Bennett - my father and Shankly's corporal

The tough Scotsman was Shankly‘s corporal, a man to his liking who kept the players on their toes. No one is more ideal to give a more intimate perspective of Reuben Bennett than Michael, his son. More

21 March 2015Sir Roger loses a goal but gains a record

LFChistory’s remit is to provide the most comprehensive coverage of the club’s long and illustrious life. We have a responsibility to record the facts accurately and to not be afraid to change them even though they are Roger Hunt's records. More

27 January 2015From the Cape to the Kop

"As a South African Liverpool supporter, I found myself searching for a list of my countrymen who have represented the club over the years," says Liam Bekker who sent this noteworthy article. More

14 January 2015My LFCHistory by Chris Wood

Chris Wood, who is an important part of, has reached the personal landmark of attending 1,000 Liverpool games! More

8 January 2015Chris Lawler - The Silent Knight

Lawler wasn’t an average footballer at Liverpool, but quite simply the greatest goalscoring defender in the club’s history. Arnie met Chris in Liverpool and the "quiet man" was quite talkative. More

2 January 2015Kenneth Campbell's life story - Chapter 6

Scottish keeper, Kenny Campbell, told his life story in the Weekly News. Chapter six was published on 18 June 1921. More

2 January 2015Kenneth Campbell's great cup run - Chapter 4

Scottish keeper, Kenny Campbell, told his life story in the Weekly News. Chapter four was published on 4 June 1921. More

2 January 2015Kenneth Campbell's life story - Chapter 5

Scottish keeper, Kenny Campbell, told his life story in the Weekly News. Chapter five was published on 11 June 1921. More

2 January 2015Kenneth Campbell adapting to Liverpool's first team - Chapter 3

Scottish keeper, Kenny Campbell, told his life story in the Weekly News in May and June of 1921. In the first two chapters he had just left Scotland for Liverpool and was adapting to Merseyside life. More

2 January 2015Kenneth Campbell continues his life story – Chapter 2

Scottish keeper, Kenny Campbell, told his life story in the Weekly News. Chapter two was published on 14 May 1921. More

2 January 2015Kenneth Campbell’s unique life story - Chapter 1

Scottish keeper, Kenny Campbell, told his life story in the Weekly News. Chapter one was published on 7 May 1921. More

3 December 2014Liverpool Cult Heroes

Chris Wood reviews Liverpool Cult Heroes More

2 December 2014Celebrating the 60's legends!

A commemorative dinner was held recently at Anfield to celebrate Liverpool's 50 years in Europe and winning the FA Cup in 1965. The nucleus of the 1964-65 team was present and we have the photos to prove it! More

25 November 2014Got, Not Got: The Lost World of Liverpool

Chris Wood reviews Got, Not Got : The Lost World of Liverpool More

17 November 2014The Official Liverpool FC Illustrated History

Chris Wood reviews The Official Liverpool FC Illustrated History More

14 November 2014Luis Suarez: The World’s Most Controversial Footballer

Chris Wood reviews Luis Suarez The Biography of the World’s most Controversial Footballer More

4 November 2014Hard Case

Chris Wood reviews Hard Case: The Autobiography of Jimmy Case More

2 October 2014Places I Remember

Chris Wood reviews Places I Remember - Liverpool F.C. European Adventures as told by the Fans More

18 September 2014Robbie Fowler - The best natural goalscorer

I first bumped into Robbie Fowler in 1998 outside Anfield in rather awkward circumstances.Now 16 years later we met again. More

16 September 2014Ex-football star now mine host at Stoke Mandeville

From the Bucks Herald on 30 January 1953. More

8 September 2014Write your name in history in the brand new Complete Record!

Now including every friendly match in Liverpool history - more than 850 matches! Pre-order your book to have your name listed in the Roll of Honour in the book’s appendix. More

3 September 2014The Cannonball Kid

Chris Wood reviews James Corbett's new book. More

27 August 2014Make Us Dream: The Story of Liverpool's 2013/14 Season

Chris Wood reviews Make Us Dream: The Story of Liverpool's 2013/14 Season More

25 August 2014Super Mario has landed!

Only the passing of time will reveal whether or not Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has pulled off an incredible coup by persuading Mario Balotelli to return to English football. More

24 August 2014Celebrating Match of the Day

With every Liverpool first-team match televised somewhere around the world, it is hard to imagine when supporters were starved of watching their club on the screen. More

16 August 2014Moreno finally a Liverpool player!

Alberto Moreno is the latest prosmising youngster to join Liverpool and the future certainly looks bright at Anfield. More

6 August 2014Manquillo hopes to settle down at Liverpool

Javier Manquillo has joined Liverpool in a temporary deal that reportedly could see his return to Atletico next summer if he is successful. More

5 August 2014We Go Again - The Story of the 2013-14 Season

Our very own, Chris Wood, reviews Dave Usher's new book More

29 July 2014Divick Origi in profile

Plenty of quality players have been signing for Liverpool this summer and this Belgian international of Kenyan descent is the latest arrival. More

28 July 2014Chris Wood on Dejan Lovren

Chris Wood profiles Liverpool's new leader in defence. More

15 July 2014Profile on Lazar Markovic

Chris Wood on Liverpool's latest capture, unveiled today. More

3 July 2014Profile on Emre Can

Liverpool's latest recruit, who signed officially for the club today after agreeing to join the Reds on 5 June, is an energetic box-to-box midfielder, with good skill on the ball and an excellent eye for a pass. More

1 July 2014Profile on Adam Lallana

Liverpool strengthen further their squad with Southampton's key player. More