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Tuning The Red Ferrari? 2 September 2015

The summer transfer window is now closed... Terry Dolan takes a closer look at Liverpool's transfer activity for the last 5 seasons since the club was purchased by FSG.

Supersub 27 August 2015

The review of Supersub, the story of local hero David Fairclough who is still remembered for his achievements in a red shirt.

Walshy - Wouldn't It Be Good 17 August 2015

Paul Walsh has just released his autobiography that is in turn entertaining and shocking.

A Gerrard infographic for the ages! 12 August 2015

Robin Richards is a seriously talented graphic artist who has made an incredible infographic covering the WHOLE of Steven Gerrard's career.

Rigore! 12 August 2015

We are pleased to welcome columnist Declan Sloan aboard at He takes a look at important penalties for Liverpool throughout the years.

LFC in International competitions 10 August 2015

Over the last twenty years, various Liverpool players have temporarily departed Melwood to join up with their compatriots in a quest for silverware, on various continents, with varying results.

Gerrard and Rush print exclusive! 7 August 2015

Freelance illustrator Chris Watson who runs CDW Illustration made good use of the amount of data at hand at to create a stunning graphic of Steven Gerrard and Ian Rush and has made us a great offer. needs help! 3 August 2015

We are looking for contributors to!

Bob Paisley: Reluctant Genius 31 July 2015

Ian Callaghan, Jimmy Case, Alan Kennedy and Phil Neal join broadcaster and author John Keith and singer and guitarist Gerry Murphy in Bob Paisley: Reluctant Genius.

Liverpool FC legend Bill Shankly's resignation letter revealed 28 July 2015

Elite strikers 27 July 2015

What does new signing Christian Benteke need to join the top frontmen in Liverpool FC's history?

Review of Liverpool FC The Greatest Goals 14 July 2015

Chris Wood reviews Liverpool FC The Greatest Goals

Profile of Danny Ings 8 July 2015

After three seasons playing in the Championship division and one in the Premier League Daniel William John Ings is ready to take another big step up by joining one of the country’s biggest and most successful clubs.

Profile of James Milner 7 July 2015

It is one of football’s myths that top European players are only prepared to switch clubs if the new employer can offer Champions League football.

Profile of Nathaniel Clyne 1 July 2015

For the fourth time in twelve months Liverpool raided Southampton’s treasure-chest of talent to add full-back Nathaniel Clyne to its first-team squad.

Profile of Adam Bogdan 1 July 2015

Ádám Bogdán is ready for a new challenge!

Profile of Joe Gomez 23 June 2015

Hopefully Gomez won't be another false dawn of a great centre-half like Gabriel Paletta and Sebastian Coates and becomes a household name at Anfield.

Raisbeck returns home to Scotland - Chapter VII 22 June 2015

Alex Raisbeck was renowned as the best player in Liverpool's history, but after 11 years he longed for his home country.

Tom Watson's demise shocks Raisbeck - Chapter VI 15 June 2015

When Raisbeck was writing his articles for the Weekly News his former mentor, Tom Watson, died at only 56 years of age. He is still Liverpool's longest-serving manager, reigning for 19 years right until his death.

Alick leads Liverpool's glorious achievement! - Chapter V 8 June 2015

The Reds won the Second Division right away after their relegation and their rise was rapid under the guidance of their unique skipper Alex Raisbeck.

Portrait of a master 5 June 2015

Instead of saying goodbye to Steven Gerrard in traditional fashion, writing a lengthy eulogy (like so many others have done) we salute him with illustrator's Chris Watson fantastic graphic of Stevie G's Liverpool career.

From Rafa To Rodgers - Analysis 2004-2015 3 June 2015

"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics." Benjamin Disraeli.

Alex Raisbeck wants to leave Liverpool! - Chapter IV 1 June 2015

Only two years had passed since Liverpool won the League Championship for the very first time, yet Raisbeck wanted to taste pastures new and ahead was a monumental struggle for the Reds.

The adventures of Liverpool's first superstar - Chapter III 25 May 2015

The terrible accident at Ibrox that rocked Raisbeck's world and the salary cap that ruined Liverpool's progress.

Alex Raisbeck talks - Chapter II 18 May 2015

"The very picture of a man was this. Beautifully made, possessing perfect movement when in action, and "golden topped" this flaxen-headed athlete at once became the cynosure of all eyes, both at home and abroad." Alex Raisbeck was no regular man!

Alex Raisbeck - The Silent man of football speaks! - Chapter I 11 May 2015

A first-hand account of Liverpool FC's daily life in the club's second decade virtually does not exist and importantly not a quote was on record from the club's first superstar; one Alexander Galloway Raisbeck. That is... until now.

John Barnes - A beauty to behold 6 May 2015

When John Barnes was at the top of his game there wasn't a more beautiful sight in football.You should never meet you heroes, the saying goes, but don't worry, John Barnes was a magnificent player and furthermore is a fantastic person.

Liverpool’s beautiful imperfections 27 April 2015

First published at A Numbers Game; a site that examines the "fascinating and often maddening world of football numbers."

Men In White Suits: Liverpool FC in the 1990s 24 April 2015

Artists usually try to follow up initial success with something similar or something better.

Reuben Bennett - my father and Shankly's corporal 9 April 2015

The tough Scotsman was Shankly‘s corporal, a man to his liking who kept the players on their toes. No one is more ideal to give a more intimate perspective of Reuben Bennett than Michael, his son.

Sir Roger loses a goal but gains a record 21 March 2015

LFChistory’s remit is to provide the most comprehensive coverage of the club’s long and illustrious life. We have a responsibility to record the facts accurately and to not be afraid to change them even though they are Roger Hunt's records.

From the Cape to the Kop 27 January 2015

"As a South African Liverpool supporter, I found myself searching for a list of my countrymen who have represented the club over the years," says Liam Bekker who sent this noteworthy article.

My LFCHistory by Chris Wood 14 January 2015

Chris Wood, who is an important part of, has reached the personal landmark of attending 1,000 Liverpool games!

Chris Lawler - The Silent Knight 8 January 2015

Lawler wasn’t an average footballer at Liverpool, but quite simply the greatest goalscoring defender in the club’s history. Arnie met Chris in Liverpool and the "quiet man" was quite talkative.

Kenneth Campbell's life story - Chapter 6 2 January 2015

Scottish keeper, Kenny Campbell, told his life story in the Weekly News. Chapter six was published on 18 June 1921.

Kenneth Campbell's great cup run - Chapter 4 2 January 2015

Scottish keeper, Kenny Campbell, told his life story in the Weekly News. Chapter four was published on 4 June 1921.

Kenneth Campbell's life story - Chapter 5 2 January 2015

Scottish keeper, Kenny Campbell, told his life story in the Weekly News. Chapter five was published on 11 June 1921.

Kenneth Campbell adapting to Liverpool's first team - Chapter 3 2 January 2015

Scottish keeper, Kenny Campbell, told his life story in the Weekly News in May and June of 1921. In the first two chapters he had just left Scotland for Liverpool and was adapting to Merseyside life.

Kenneth Campbell continues his life story – Chapter 2 2 January 2015

Scottish keeper, Kenny Campbell, told his life story in the Weekly News. Chapter two was published on 14 May 1921.

Kenneth Campbell’s unique life story - Chapter 1 2 January 2015

Scottish keeper, Kenny Campbell, told his life story in the Weekly News. Chapter one was published on 7 May 1921.