Paul Wilkes records the new Hurrah for the Reds

As a follow-up to the recording of the oldest Liverpool supporters song Mark Anthony modernised the lyrics to the 1907 "Hurrah for the Reds".

The new version is sung at pubs around Anfield on matchdays and it’s hoped it will eventually become popular inside Anfield. George Sephton, the voice of Anfield, likes the song so much that he will play it regularly at the stadium. 

The new lyrics:
Hurray for the reds that play the game,
Hurray for the reds.

Hurray for the reds that none contain,
Hurray for the reds.

There’s Carra about who leads with a shout and Reina to hold the fort boys.
There’s Gerrard and Cole who play in the hole with Suarez to score the goals boys.

Hurray, Hurray, hurray, hurray...
Hurray for the reds!


Paul Wilkes, who recorded the original Hurrah for the Reds for was very impressed by the new lyrics so he recorded the new version as well which you can listen to here for the first time by clicking this link.

If you haven't read about the original song there is a link to the article on the right hand side.

Spread the word so Hurrah for the Reds will become an integral part of Anfield folklore!


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