Which are Liverpool’s biggest football rivals?

Every football club in the world wants to perform well and win trophies. To do that, clubs need to go up against other football teams. Even though not every match is special, some bring a lot of attention because the two clubs either share a geographical location or have something else in common.

Nowadays, every team in the EPL has its rivalries, and Liverpool is no exception. Let’s take a look at which are the teams that are more special for the Reds.

Manchester United

The first team that deserves to be on this list is Manchester United. The battle between the Red Devils and Liverpool has been going on for many years, during which we got the chance to see some of the best football matches in the EPL.

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Manchester United and Liverpool are two of the most successful clubs in England, which is why the clash between them was always a joy to watch, especially when Sir Alex Ferguson was in charge of the Red Devils.


The second team on this list is Everton, which probably doesn’t come as a surprise. Besides sharing the same city, Everton used Anfield as their home until the team decided to give up on it. Another interesting fact is that Liverpool used to wear blue shirts, which is Everton’s signature color.

Nowadays, the Merseyside derby is one of the most anticipated matches of the season. What makes it so interesting to watch is that you never know what will happen. It doesn’t matter whether one of the two teams is performing better than the other because they have an equal chance of succeeding.


Chelsea is another team that Liverpool’s fans don’t like a lot. The team from London and the Reds faced each other numerous times over the years, but the primary reason why the clash between them is special is Fernando Torres.

The Spanish striker used to be a part of Merseyside for many years, and he played a crucial role in the team. However, he decided to join Stamford Bridge, even though he used to say that he’d never go to another club.


The last team on this list is also from London, and it’s a part of the so-called “Top Four”. Arsenal and Liverpool had many memorable battles, one of which took place in 2009. The two teams finished 4-4 after Andrey Arshavin scored four goals for his club.

Perhaps the most notable match between the two was held in 1989, during the last day of the season. The Gunners needed to score at least two goals to secure their trophy, and even though it wasn’t easy, they’ve managed to do that, thanks to Michael Thomas.

Written by Alan Spencer


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