Top 5 Football Accumulator Wins


Sports betting is widely popular among sports fans. This kind of betting differs from games of pure chance like slots, for instance. Although there’s no way to be sure of the outcome of a game, one can make an educated guess about it, following.. Still, there’ll always be a space for blind luck and humble bets that return thousands of pounds.

Keep reading and find out the luckiest football punters in history.

Against the Odds

Aficionados stay updated about the latest sports news and follow odds checkers. That’s one way to approximate the most probable outcome better. Moreover, the prize is usually shared with other punters. Still, incredible results can lead to massive winnings. Here are the five luckiest winners of football bets ever.

#5 – Hertha Berlin vs Bayern Munich (£185,000) 

This anonymous punter laid a quite ambitious bet on the match Bayern Munich vs Hertha Berlin. The odds 3700/1 returned £185,000 for this £50 bet. Many punters are able to find outstanding and long odds on results when playing at sites like this one.

#4 – Athletic Bilbao vs Barcelona (£272,000)

Here’s another anonymous winner scoring big over an improbable outcome. At his best moments of 2011, this brave punter bet that Barcelona would draw with Athletic Bilbao. The odds against Athletic Bilbao were intimidating: 108,000/1. It took only £2.50 to change everything.

#3 – Bayern Munich vs Valencia (£500,00)

This punter only needed 30p, a whole lot of luck to bring half a million pounds home. This same punter guessed the other nine competition winners, plus the English County Championship. 

#2 – Chelsea vs Liverpool (£585,000)

All we know about this lucky person is that he (or she?) lives in Malta. The match was at Stamford Bridge, and the odds were against the Reds. The game was decided at the 87th minute. That’s how a humble 80p bet landed the second biggest win ever. 

#1 – Coventry City vs Leyton Orient (£650,000)

A Londoner punter, who unsurprisingly remained anonymous, placed not only one bet but eight on his lucky day. 

The match with Coventry City was the last result, after the other seven games. All his guesses were losing when he set the bets, 20 minutes before the end of the games.

It turns out the guy guessed all the scores. This incredibly enlightened prediction turned his £100 into the highest football win ever!

Liverpool Punter hits the Headlines.

Here’s a recent legendary win. This lucky scouser has seen his sole quid stake turn into a £374,000 prize this month. The guy correctly guessed the results of matches in Portugal, Sweden, Italy, and England. Three of the games were decided in his favour only in the last minutes. According to the winner, it was challenging to follow all the results.

The anonymous winner says,” it’s a bit of a lifetime”. He affirms that most of it will be invested, but his family will also “celebrate in style”. 


Betting against the odds naturally involves a higher risk of never seeing your money again. Still, when the improbable gets to happen (as it often does), bets lower than £1 can return massive winnings. 

Written by Alan Spencer


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