Seven interesting facts about Liverpool F.C

The English Premier League is home to many world-class football teams, most of which have loyal fans worldwide. One of the biggest names in there is Liverpool F.C., one of the few English teams that managed to stop the reign of the Spanish powerhouses in the Champion’s League.

Since Liverpool is more than 129 years old, many interesting things have happened over those years, so let’s take a look at seven interesting facts that you may not know about your favorite club.

1. Anfield was once the home of Everton

Anfield is often considered to be one of the most legendary stadiums in football. Even though it’s been Liverpool’s home for many years, Anfield was a part of Everton. However, the club moved to Goodison Park in 1891 due to the rent it had to pay for the other stadium. 

2. The Friendly Derby has more red cards than any other match in the league

Every football league has its rivalries, and the EPL is no exception. One of the most intriguing matches of the year attracts a lot of bettors because the Novibet Sports section gives them the chance to choose from many markets and competitive odds. Speaking of exciting rivalries, the one between Liverpool and Everton is known for producing the most red cards out of any other fixture.

3. Liverpool took part in the first Match of the Day

Old-school Liverpool fans might remember that the game between Liverpool and Arsenal in 1964 became the first-ever Match of the Day. Another interesting fact is that Liverpool’s match against West Ham in 1969 became the first colored match that was broadcasted on TV.

4. Liverpool finished 8th back in 1963

If you read more about this club’s history, you will find out that the early 60s were not Liverpool’s best years. Fortunately, the team was promoted to the top division in 1963 and managed to finish 8th. What’s interesting is that this is Liverpool’s lowest League finish since then.

5. Liverpool was involved in match-fixing

Match-fixing is a huge problem nowadays, especially for people who wager on football. However, it seems like this was an issue even 100 years ago, judging from what happened between Liverpool and Manchester United. The two teams participated in a “rigged” fixture. Once the authorities found out about it, four players from Liverpool and three from Man Utd were banned for life.

6. THIS IS ANFIELD was created by Bill Shankly

Every Liverpool fan knows Bill Shankly’s name because he is widely regarded as one of the best managers of all time. Besides his incredible results, Bill is also famous for his decision to put the sign called “THIS IS ANFIELD”. The idea behind it is to “scare” Liverpool’s opponents.

7. Kenny Dalglish became the first player-manager 

Kenny Dalglish is known for being one of Liverpool’s best managers. However, he was also the first-ever person in the EPL who was a player and a manager at the same time. Thanks to his skills, the club won five trophies in five years.

Written by Alan Spencer


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