The Most Important Goals in LFC History

Goalkeepers don’t usually score goals in football matches - it’s not their job, after all. A goalie’s task is to prevent the ball from getting into his goal, not to get it into the opponent’s. This is why the goalies’ records hardly ever speak of the goals they scored, and soccer betting enthusiasts hardly ever bet on them ever scoring anything.

Still, the history of football has recorded many goalie goalscorers - among them, Brazilian goalie Rogério Ceni holds the record of the most goals scored (132). Now, Alisson Becker has also made it onto this prestigious list with his spectacular header against West Brom - he is the first goalkeeper in LFC history to score.

His goal made it into the annals of Liverpool history, without a doubt, joining some of the most important goals scored by some of the most important players of the club.

Kenny Dalglish, 1985–86 League Championship final

Kenny Dalglish, player-coach of the Reds between 1985 and 1991, has scored one of the most important goals in the history of LFC. The goal didn’t only ensure Liverpool’s win over Chelsea, it did so at Stamford Bridge, in the League Championship final, and earned two points for Liverpool, enough to beat arch-rivals Everton in the tournament.
To add insult to injury, Daglish’s side beat Everton in the FA Cup final, too, gaining Liverpool’s first and so far only ‘double’ in its history.

The ‘ghost goal’, 2005 Champions League semi-final

One of the most controversial and most-discussed goals ever scored by a Liverpool player was, without a doubt, the ‘ghost goal’ scored by Luis Garcia at the 2005 Champions League semi-final. It is the goal that certainly still gives Jose Mourinho nightmares.
In the second leg of the Liverpool-Chelsea match at Anfield, Garcia scored the goal that handed the Reds aggregate victory over Chelsea. But for many, things were not this simple - Mourinho and others contested the fact that the ball indeed crossed the line. Referee Lubos Michel did award the goal… but reviewing the recordings of the goal was not entirely conclusive either. Still, the goal stood, allowing the Reds to advance to the final.

Steven Gerrard, Vladimir Smicer, Xabi Alonso, 2005 Champions League final

Finally, let us mention the three goals scored in the 2005 Champions League final the Reds played against AC Milan, the match that went down in history as the “Miracle of Istanbul”. 
Milan took initiative in the first minute of the match, scoring their first, and continued to score throughout the first half that ended 3-0. Then, in the second half, the miracle happened.
The first goal for the Reds was scored by captain Steven Gerrard - a perfect header that broke the ice. It was followed by a goal by Šmicer just two minutes later. And the final piece of magic that made the miracle possible came from Xabi Alonso whose penalty was saved but he managed to score from the rebound.
Ultimately, it came down to penalties to decide the fate of the match - Hamann, Cissé, and Šmicer made theirs count, bringing home the title for the fifth time in the team’s history.

Written by Alan Spencer


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