Touching the Famous ‘This is Anfield’ Sign

If you have ever been on a tour of Anfield as a Liverpool Football Club fan, you will be very aware of the famous sign that adorns the wall. We are talking about the sign that reads, ‘This is Anfield’. This sign has a lot of significance for the football club and there is a lot of history around it that people are not aware of. So, let’s learn more about this famous saying and what the sign really means.

More Than Just a Motto

The sign is not there purely as a decorative addition to the stadium. Instead, there is a purpose to the ‘This is Anfield’ sign. For instance, Bill Shankly has said that this sign is there purposely to remind players of the team they are playing for and the importance of putting on a Liverpool jersey. Indeed, it is also there to remind the opposition the team they are playing and how big a challenge it is going to be when they are walking down the tunnel to the pitch.
The sign was first hung up on the wall by Bill Shankly. However, the original idea behind the sign came from a groundsman. While he wanted it to say, ‘welcome to Anfield’, Bill Shankly wanted it to be more intimidating and meaningful. Over the years, there have been three different signs used. But they have all had the same purpose. Certainly, if you were to use Unibet PA and bet on a Liverpool game, this type of sign shows how intimidating a place this stadium can be and how it can give the home team an advantage. Small things like this can make a difference when it comes to frightening an opposing team that is visiting your ground.

The Jurgen Klopp Era

When Jurgen Klopp became manager, he made it very clear to his players that they could not touch the ‘This is Anfield’ sign. The condition was, they could touch it once they had done something with the club. The German has been superstitious about the sign and understands its importance for Liverpool. He thought it was a sign of respect that the players did not get to touch it until they were winners. In fact, one player who prematurely touched the sign was told off by Jurgen Klopp for his actions.
However, this was many years ago. The first time the players could touch the sign under Jurgen Klopp came after winning the Champions League. Since then, Liverpool has won many trophies and a lot of the team were part of the winning squads. This means that they are able to touch the sign when they are going out onto the pitch and it can become a good luck symbol. But it is interesting to note that this tradition appears to have been started by Jurgen Klopp and become part of the club’s history. It is likely to continue for many years to come as word spreads about the sign’s symbolism.

Written by Alan Spencer


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