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FA Cup Semi-final

Villa Park | Sat 31 Mar 1906 at 15:30

Liverpool 0 - 2 Everton

Opposition goals


  • - Average age of the Liverpool starting lineup: 26.31
  • Liverpool's keeper, Sam Hardy, in the Liverpool Football Echo in 1955:  "Everton’s first goal came after 15 minutes from our left-back Billy Dunlop. I shouted to him to leave the ball, which was coming steadily towards me. But instead he sliced it right past me and into the net.”

    The visitors second goal said Sam came ten minutes from the end. “We were trying hard for an equalizer and most of the team, including the defence were upfield, Everton launched a surprise attack, and with only me to beat outside left Harold Hardman, then, I believe playing as an amateur, had no difficulty in netting the ball from five or six yards out."

    Everton's Harold Hardman in the Liverpool Football Echo in 1955: "The semi-final of 1906, when we defeated Liverpool by two goals to nothing at Villa Park, is one of the happiest moments of my career. I well remember the game because it brought me one of the goals. A Free kick was taken on the right wing, I think it was Harry Makepeace who took it, but I remember the ball came over and dropped at my feet . Without hesitation I shot first time and found the net. This game took Everton into the final which had a special significance for me. Not only was I excited when we won the Cup by defeating Newcastle United at Crystal Palace by the goal scored by our centre forward Sandy Young, who was a Scottish international, but at that time I had just sat through my finals as a solicitor and had pressed my examinations I was therefore more than thrilled when I received my Cup medal too that year."

Other details

Manager: Tom Watson
Opposition manager: William Cuff
Referee: Dennis FH
Attendance: 37,000
Half-time score: 0 - 0
Game number: 491
FA Cup game number: 45

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