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Premier League

Villa Park | Sat 28 Feb 1998 at 15:00

Aston Villa 2 - 1 Liverpool

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  • - Brad Friedel makes his LFC debut
  • - Average age of the Liverpool starting lineup: 25.72
  • - Average age of the Aston Villa starting lineup: 25.79
  • - Liverpool league position after match: 4
  • - Aston Villa league position after match: 14
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  • - Stan Collymore accused Harkness of racially abusing him. Referee Graham Poll explains: "Collymore ran to me, clearly incensed at a comment which he felt was racist from Harkness. I could tell that he was convinced that the remark had been made but I had not heard anything. At the next stoppage in play, I asked Harkness what had happened. He vehemently denied any wrongdoing and so I was powerless to act. Of course, I reported the incident to the Football Association, who conducted an investigation but without any other player or official having heard anything and no video evidence, they could not act. Even if spectators had supported Collymore’s claims, the FA would have needed more solid evidence to charge and ultimately find a player guilty of such a serious allegation. Harkness denied making the comment throughout the game and in the investigation. Only Collymore and Harkness know the truth."

Other details

Manager: Roy Evans
Opposition manager: John Gregory
Referee: Poll G
Attendance: 39,372
Half-time score: 1 - 1
Game number: 4521
League game number: 3754

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