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Countries with a Surprising LFC Fan Base 7 April 2021

Football is the single most popular sport in the world - and England is the country with the most followed football league of them all. The vast majority of countries have their own regional tournaments where their local teams excel but few of them have a global following quite like Premier League teams have.

Gambling and Sports, a Symbiosis 6 April 2021

Gambling and sports go hand in hand in more ways than you might think.

Liverpool Most Iconic Moments in Recent History 26 March 2021

It goes without saying that Liverpool is among the most respected and most decorated teams not just in England, but in the world. This club is a representation of traditional, passion, dedication, and long-term love.

NBA Star James joins Liverpool owners Fenway Sports Group as a partner 23 March 2021

NBA star LeBron James has partnered with Liverpool owners Fenway Sports Group, the Boston Globe claimed, with James increasing his stake at the Merseyside club as a result of this development.

Premier League Clubs such as Arsenal and Liverpool Are Using Missile-Tracking Tech 20 March 2021

So it turns out that football is in fact, rocket science. Premier League clubs including Liverpool and Arsenal are now using missile-tracking technology so that they can plot every move a player is going to make. This mind-boggling high-tech data is going to mean war. The optical tracking is a huge step forward in the game and it would seem that it has in fact been designed by the military as well.

Figuring the numbers 20 March 2021

The numbers represented a place on the pitch, not an individual, named player.

Skippers 19 February 2021

"Ideal captains are born not made". The story of Liverpool's skippers.

Internationals 14 February 2021

The illustrious reputation of Liverpool has so far tempted 328 internationals from 53 nations to sign for the club.

What Can Liverpool Learn From Their Game Against West Ham? 4 February 2021

There’s nothing like the rush from a decent game of football and the recent West Ham/Liverpool game certainly gave us that. The match, played at the London Stadium in January gave Liverpool a 3-1 win, something they needed and certainly deserved after the gameplay they put in.


This testimonial match in recognition of Keith Kennedy's 10 seasons at Bury. It was a festive occasion, with Liverpool entering into the spirit of the occasion.

Life before Alisson: Remembering some of Liverpool’s worst goalkeepers 31 January 2021

The modern-day Liverpool has a reliable goalkeeper in Alisson Becker. A world-class operator for many and a good, solid goalkeeper for some, the Brazilian has made a well-documented difference since his arrival from AS Roma in 2018. Liverpool haven’t always been so lucky, though.

Will Mohamed Salah Win The PFA Player Of The Year Award 2020/21? 20 January 2021

As Mohamed Salah picks up Liverpool’s Goal of the Month for December you can’t help but think back to his Puskas award-winning strike against Everton — and reminisce about the extraordinary 2017/18 season, which crowned him the 45th PFA Players’ Player of the Year.

Shanks, Yanks and Jürgen: The Men Behind Liverpool’s Rise Again 15 January 2021

You can’t achieve great success without having a great leader.

Touching the Famous ‘This is Anfield’ Sign 12 January 2021

If you have ever been on a tour of Anfield as a Liverpool Football Club fan, you will be very aware of the famous sign that adorns the wall. We are talking about the sign that reads, ‘This is Anfield’. This sign has a lot of significance for the football club and there is a lot of history around it that people are not aware of. So, let’s learn more about this famous saying and what the sign really means.

‘From boots to bootroom.’ How did ex-LFC players manage? 19 December 2020

Assessing the relative success of football managers, especially in historical periods, is what nowadays would be called challenging – that is, just this side of foolhardy. There are so many variables which can affect a team and club’s performance - financial backing, transfers in and out, league levels, and so on, over which the manager has little or no control. Former LFC players have managed at many different levels, from top tier to well below the fourth tier.

Can this Liverpool side win back to back Premier League titles? 16 December 2020

Liverpool didn’t just win the Premier League title last season, they won it by a country mile. When the final game of the 2019-20 campaign was over, the team superbly led by Jurgen Klopp were 18 points ahead of second-placed Manchester City. By the final stretch of the season, each of just three league defeats was considered an utter shock, although, by then, the title was pretty much in the bag already.

From Parachutes to Thanksgivings – 89 testimonials 13 December 2020

The basis of the article is the list of 89 testimonials on

Liverpool break unbeaten record as top betting sites back reds for title 24 November 2020

Jürgen Klopp's Liverpool side are going from strength to strength as the top flight of the table starts to take shape. The German manager's side broke new ground last weekend after their emphatic 3-0 defeat of Leicester City, the Foxes led by former Reds boss Brendan Rodgers.

Aussie Craig Johnston: The Man Behind Football Boots 17 November 2020

In all sports, there will be an individual that is responsible for pioneering the entire face of the game. Yes, even in football, there was a football star that operated behind Beckham and basically allowed Beckham to bend it ‘like a Beckham’. That athlete is Craig Johnston. He was not liked by everyone, that is true. People did not see him as the definition of football, however, he did invent the Predator football boots that were worn by the likes of Zidane and Beckham.

‘Be my guest’ – George Kay keeping LFC afloat during World War II 31 October 2020

“Well, that’s it, then!” said my mother. It is my earliest memory, and all I had to worry about was the horrified look on her face."

Liverpool FC - The Premier League Years 24 October 2020

Let’s talk about 28, baby!

John Aldridge arrives with a broken hand! 24 October 2020

John Aldridge had a broken hand the day he signed in at Liverpool.

Stubbins joins on the toss of a coin 24 October 2020

12 September 1946 marked the arrival of a legend to Liverpool.

Liverpool Legends through time 16 October 2020

At Anfield, a passion for football and a humbling attitude is what drives the players to do their best. Even though the list could be much longer, we have picked 4 memorable Liverpool players, who contributed to making Liverpool FC what it is today.

Best Americans for Liverpool FC 8 October 2020

Americans for Liverpool FC. With the current state of the recent champions of England in mind, no American player seems good enough to play for LFC. But it hasn’t always been like that. We’ve looked through the history books and found a few players with an American passport that actually played for LFC more or less.

Best 11 Scottish Players ever to Play for Liverpool 5 October 2020

Liverpool has had a wonderful array of talent from Scotland and England through the years, and it is the former we are focusing on.

Klopp: My Liverpool Romance 30 September 2020

Admit it, if you had to become one person from the entire world of football, you’d like to be Jürgen Klopp.

The odds are in but when was the last time Liverpool managed back to back titles? 28 September 2020

Liverpool have started the new Premier League season with serious intent following back to back to wins against Leeds United and Chelsea in their first league fixtures over the last two weeks.

Liverpool's current success and dynasty dream 27 September 2020

It's common to hear anecdotes being told by serial winners about how hard they had to work for their success and how much time they allowed themselves to celebrate those successes while they were happening.

Can Jordan Henderson Join Liverpool's Greatest Ever Captains? 22 September 2020

Football is a funny old game. Three years ago, City were the best team in Europe and Champions League winners in waiting, Messi was going to finish his career in Barcelona, and Jordan Henderson was overrated.

Who are the best North and South American players to have played for Liverpool? 22 September 2020

Football is a truly global game now with most Premier League teams having a range of nationalities in their squad.

The Lost Shankly Boy by George Scott with Jeff Goulding 21 September 2020

We can only be thankful that the “Lost Shankly Boy” was eventually found and encouraged to tell us all about his amazing journey.

A quick guide to placing football bets online as an LFC fan 10 September 2020

What a season it was last time out for Liverpool fans! It certainly bodes well for another title charge in the coming season.

The jinx are on us - LFC as luck would have it 25 August 2020

Has Liverpool been affected by a jinx, whether it is real in the sense of something malevolent, externally caused, which results in Fate’s denial of our club’s just deserts?

Can Liverpool win again in 2020/21 ? 24 August 2020

After 30 years of waiting and a few close calls, Liverpool finally won the Premier League title in the 2019/20 season. Fans, understandably, took to the streets to celebrate right across the city. Some celebrations lasted several days as fans partied for several nights outside the Anfield stadium and down on the waterfront outside the Liver Building.

A look at Liverpool in the Premier League era 20 August 2020

The confetti feels like it's long settled at this point. Liverpool had established a lead over Manchester City that was big enough to make their first Premier League title almost certain way before it was mathematically confirmed.

The last quadrilles 17 August 2020

How do the champions elect perform at the end of the season?

Liverpool's Estimated Squad Net Worth after Premier League Triumph 4 August 2020

This is the estimated worth of every player in Jürgen Klopp’s squad right now, indicating how much the team could make from them if other clubs were to buy them right now.

There was an Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman… - Part II 17 July 2020

Liverpool is, arguably, the second most international city in England, and it is no surprise that LFC has attracted a substantial number of foreign players.

Alisson - the Brazilian Wall 12 July 2020

Alisson Becker has quickly made a name for himself as the best keeper in the world, read on to find out the rest of his story.