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Liverpool FC - The Premier League Years 24 October 2020

Let’s talk about 28, baby!

John Aldridge arrives with a broken hand! 24 October 2020

John Aldridge had a broken hand the day he signed in at Liverpool.

Stubbins joins on the toss of a coin 24 October 2020

12 September 1946 marked the arrival of a legend to Liverpool.

Liverpool Legends through time 16 October 2020

At Anfield, a passion for football and a humbling attitude is what drives the players to do their best. Even though the list could be much longer, we have picked 4 memorable Liverpool players, who contributed to making Liverpool FC what it is today.

Best Americans for Liverpool FC 8 October 2020

Americans for Liverpool FC. With the current state of the recent champions of England in mind, no American player seems good enough to play for LFC. But it hasn’t always been like that. We’ve looked through the history books and found a few players with an American passport that actually played for LFC more or less.

Best 11 Scottish Players ever to Play for Liverpool 5 October 2020

Liverpool has had a wonderful array of talent from Scotland and England through the years, and it is the former we are focusing on.

Klopp: My Liverpool Romance 30 September 2020

Admit it, if you had to become one person from the entire world of football, you’d like to be Jürgen Klopp.

The odds are in but when was the last time Liverpool managed back to back titles? 28 September 2020

Liverpool have started the new Premier League season with serious intent following back to back to wins against Leeds United and Chelsea in their first league fixtures over the last two weeks.

Liverpool's current success and dynasty dream 27 September 2020

It's common to hear anecdotes being told by serial winners about how hard they had to work for their success and how much time they allowed themselves to celebrate those successes while they were happening.

Can Jordan Henderson Join Liverpool's Greatest Ever Captains? 22 September 2020

Football is a funny old game. Three years ago, City were the best team in Europe and Champions League winners in waiting, Messi was going to finish his career in Barcelona, and Jordan Henderson was overrated.

Who are the best North and South American players to have played for Liverpool? 22 September 2020

Football is a truly global game now with most Premier League teams having a range of nationalities in their squad.

The Lost Shankly Boy by George Scott with Jeff Goulding 21 September 2020

We can only be thankful that the “Lost Shankly Boy” was eventually found and encouraged to tell us all about his amazing journey.

A quick guide to placing football bets online as an LFC fan 10 September 2020

What a season it was last time out for Liverpool fans! It certainly bodes well for another title charge in the coming season.

The jinx are on us - LFC as luck would have it 25 August 2020

Has Liverpool been affected by a jinx, whether it is real in the sense of something malevolent, externally caused, which results in Fate’s denial of our club’s just deserts?

Can Liverpool win again in 2020/21 ? 24 August 2020

After 30 years of waiting and a few close calls, Liverpool finally won the Premier League title in the 2019/20 season. Fans, understandably, took to the streets to celebrate right across the city. Some celebrations lasted several days as fans partied for several nights outside the Anfield stadium and down on the waterfront outside the Liver Building.

A look at Liverpool in the Premier League era 20 August 2020

The confetti feels like it's long settled at this point. Liverpool had established a lead over Manchester City that was big enough to make their first Premier League title almost certain way before it was mathematically confirmed.

The last quadrilles 17 August 2020

How do the champions elect perform at the end of the season?

Liverpool's Estimated Squad Net Worth after Premier League Triumph 4 August 2020

This is the estimated worth of every player in Jürgen Klopp’s squad right now, indicating how much the team could make from them if other clubs were to buy them right now.

There was an Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman… - Part II 17 July 2020

Liverpool is, arguably, the second most international city in England, and it is no surprise that LFC has attracted a substantial number of foreign players.

Alisson - the Brazilian Wall 12 July 2020

Alisson Becker has quickly made a name for himself as the best keeper in the world, read on to find out the rest of his story.

A mix of players in Klopp's first six summer signings 9 July 2020

Klopp's Liverpool side secured their first Premier League title on 25 June 2020.

McMahon once a Blue, always a Red 9 July 2020

Steve McMahon once turned down Liverpool, but didn't made that mistake again.

There was an Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman… - Part I 1 July 2020

The contribution of non-English players to the history of LFC. Part I of Colin Rogers' massive study in this subject matter, written for

Our Top Liverpool Shirt Sponsors 1 July 2020

Liverpool have had some classic jerseys over the decades, but who are Liverpool’s shirt sponsors of the past and what type of businesses are they.

How To Follow Liverpool’s Return To Action From Anywhere 25 June 2020

COVID-19 has had a devastating effect on people’s lives, including health and finances. So when Jurgen Klopp mentioned that football was important among the unimportant things, he had a point.

Liverpool Newspaper History Review 15 June 2020

The book contains match reports, photos and headlines published after the most memorable games and events in the history of our much beloved football club.

Where Are They Now and What Next? Odds on Liverpool’s 5 Biggest Transfer Sales 3 June 2020

When the season resumes in mid-June, the Reds will march inexorably towards a first title in 30 years.

Football hooliganism in England in the last decade 27 May 2020

A recent study on football hooligans that focuses on the last decade seems to substantiate that LFC fans rarely get into trouble with the law nowadays.

Peter Beardsley sets a new standard 23 May 2020

Peter Beardsley was bought for a British record fee in 1987.

Ian Rush arrives along with Money 11 May 2020

Bob Paisley bought two promising players in the spring of 1980. One was to become a certified legend, the other one made 17 appearances in two years.

Stan Collymore was a strange one 2 May 2020

Liverpool and Roy Evans took an enormous chance by paying a record fee for Stan Collymore in 1995.

Scales and Babb join Roy Evans 24 April 2020

Roy Evans bought Liverpool a pair of central defenders in 1994.

Seven arrive in the summer of 1999 24 April 2020

We wanted to refresh your memories how Liverpool has done in the market in recent years.

Houllier's recruits in 2000-2001 20 April 2020

Liverpool's summer signings in the 2000/2001 season raised more than a few eyebrows.

Liverpool fans in New Zealand chat with Jason McAteer 17 April 2020

Thankfully, given that most of us have good mobile and internet connections, we have access to a much wider variety of means to keep ourselves entertained these days.

Back-to-back fixtures – the rise and fall of supermen 9 April 2020

17/18 December 2019 was unique in the annals of LFC and in the annals of English football.

5 Most Promising Football Leagues From Around the World 8 April 2020

We’re going to be look at some of the Football Leagues from different parts of the globes that show a ton of potential.

The Shankly hotel 31 March 2020

The Shankly Hotel on Victoria Street in Liverpool opened its doors in August 2015.

The past, present and future of Kirkby's Liverpool base 31 March 2020

Liverpool have been working hard getting their new training ground ready for the coming season, whenever that will start considering the terrible state of affairs in the world today.

One of Premier League's greatest midfielders, if not the greatest 27 March 2020

On 29th November 1998, Steven Gerrard made his Liverpool debut as a second-half substitute against Blackburn Rovers at Anfield.