Match details

Liverpool 1 - 1 Leeds United

Penalty shootout: 6 - 5

Game date: Saturday 10 August 1974 at 15:00 Stadium: Wembley
Competition: Charity Shield Attendance: 67,000
Half - time score: 1 - 0 Referee: Matthewson R
Manager: Bob Paisley Opposition manager: Brian Clough

Opposition lineup

David Harvey, Paul Reaney, Trevor Cherry, Billy Bremner, Gordon McQueen, Norman Hunter, Peter Lorimer, Allan Clarke, Joe Jordan, Johnny Giles, Eddie Gray

Opposition goals

Trevor Cherry 70'

Opposition substitutions

Allan Clarke out for Duncan McKenzie

Penalty shootout

0 - 1 Peter Lorimer scored
Alec Lindsay scored 1 - 1
1 - 2 Johnny Giles scored
Emlyn Hughes scored 2 - 2
2 - 3 Eddie Gray scored
Brian Hall scored 3 - 3
3 - 4 Norman Hunter scored
Tommy Smith scored 4 - 4
4 - 5 Trevor Cherry scored
Peter Cormack scored 5 - 5
5 - 5 David Harvey missed
Ian Callaghan scored 6 - 5


- Average age of the Liverpool starting lineup: 26.59
- Average age of the Leeds United starting lineup: 27.82
Kevin Keegan and Leeds United's Billy Bremner were dismissed early in the second half. It was Keegan's second sending off in the week. He had been sent off in a friendly at Kaiserlautern four days earlier. Both he and Bremner received lengthy bans. It was probably the nastiest Charity Shield match ever played and the only surprise was that more players didn't join them for an early bath!

- Strangely enough Boersma wore the number 12 shirt from the start with nobody wearing the number 10 shirt for either Leeds or Liverpool.

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