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2nd Division

Peel Croft | Sat 25 Mar 1905 at 15:30

Burton United 2 - 1 Liverpool

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Opposition sent off


  • - Average age of the Liverpool starting lineup: 28.88
  • - Liverpool league position after match: 1
  • - Burton United league position after match: 17
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  • AN EXPERIENCE AT BURTON by Alex Raisbeck

    "Certain Second Division clubs are not very particular about their treatment of the “big” clubs. They are out to beat the “top notchers” at any cost. Every relegated club has experienced this. Visitors to Burton when the Trent club was at its best will bear out my statement.

    I shall never forget the only visit I made to the brewery town. We expected a hard game but nothing like what we got. At the time of our visit we were going well for the championship but we could not afford to make slips. We were therefore out to win our game at Burton, but the latter saw to it that we didn’t.

    The game had not long been started when Sam Raybould was carried off in a damaged condition and was unable to return. Before the finish four or five of our players had been knocked out and it was indeed a funny Liverpool side which finished that League game at Burton.

    We met with many misfortunes that day and were none too pleased at being beaten. Some of the players thought that this defeat would cost us the championship and not very complimentary remarks were passed in the dressing-room.

    Bolton were running us hard for the championship and when the result of their game was made known we were all smiles for we could afford to lose two points if Bolton did likewise. Still, I shall never forget my first and only experience at Burton."

    - Orlando Evans was sent off for Burton for kicking Sam Raybould.

Other details

Manager: Tom Watson
Referee: Brunt F
Attendance: 3,000
Half-time score: 1 - 1
Game number: 448
League game number: 380

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