Match details

1st Division

Anfield | Sat 7 Oct 1922 at 15:15

Liverpool 5 - 1 Everton

Opposition goals


  • - Liverpool league position after match: 1
  • - Everton league position after match: 19
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  • This Liverpool Football Echo report shows there's was no love lost between Elisha Scott and Donald MacKinlay, at least in the heat of the moment: "At this time the Liverpool defence started to take liberties, all saw themselves as attackers and often left McKinlay alone at the back. On one of these occasions McKinlay passed back to Scott with such venom, it brought a magnificent save out of Elisha. Scott was not amused by the accompanying wink and nod."
    - Also counted as a game in the Lancashire Senior Cup.

Other details

Manager: David Ashworth
Referee: Andrews HW
Attendance: 54,368
Half-time score: 0 - 1
Game number: 1016
League game number: 901

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