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The first of the Derby games revealed a remarkable state of affairs. One could not have wished to see more evenly matched teams than Liverpool and Everton in the first half. But afterwards Everton hopes slumped top zero, and Liverpool's remarkable “five at home” goal average was duly continued just when it seemed most unlikely. Nor is it doing any injustice to their rivals to say that their game in the second half entitled the Reds to a runaway win. The Anfield enclosure was tested to its utmost capacity, and over 50,000 people paid £3,200 to see the match, the result of which strengthened the lead of the champions in the chart.


There was one mistake by the Liverpool defence, and only one. It was expensive because Scott failed to hold on to a pass back from McKinlay, and gave Williams a chance to put the Blues ahead at the interval. In encounters of this nature such a grit will often decide the issue, but Liverpool's powers of recovery in the second half have been one of the most pleasing features of their form this season, and the home defence dominated the situation so much afterwards that the halves could devote all their time to supporting the forwards. In this period of strenuous forcing McNab stood out well, but he marred an otherwise excellent display by a quite unnecessary foul on Hart which drew a stern warning from Referee Andrews. Bromilow again found his best form, and Wadsworth developed advances in excellent style. Forward Chambers stood out by the value of his shooting, but Hopkins and Johnson were two live factors in the line, and the right wing was little behind in bustling tactics and neat combination.


Fern gave away the last two goals –inexplicable blunders for such a sound custodian –but Raitt added to his reputation by steadiness in difficulties, though he is somewhat given to reckless kickings. Hart was the pick of the halves, but the forward line had few chances to shine. Everton's goal has already been referred to, Chambers equalised with a lob, which Fern fisted out, but the referee was on the spot, and promptly ruled that the ball had been over the line in the air, a good decision. McNab gave the Reds the lead with a fine shot, after an individual run, Chambers after 70 minutes, and put on another two minutes later, while Bromilow completed the scoring with a long shot. Teams : - Liverpool: - Scott goal, Longworth, and McKinlay (captain), backs, McNab, Wadsworth, and Bromilow, half-backs, Lacey, Forshaw, Johnson, Chambers, and Hopkin, forwards. Everton: - Fern, goal, Raitt and McDonald, backs, Peacock, Fleetwood and Hart (captain), half-backs, Chedgzoy, Irvine, Forbes, Williams, and Harrison, forwards. Referee Mr. Andrews.

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