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League Cup Final replay

Villa Park | Wed 1 Apr 1981 at 19:45

Liverpool 2 - 1 West Ham United

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  • - Average age of the Liverpool starting lineup: 27.26
  • - Average age of the West Ham United starting lineup: 27.83
  • - Phil Thompson recalls: "It was the first time we had won the League Cup but we almost lost the trophy the same night. On our way back from Villa Park the cup was being handed around the coach and all talk was about where we would celebrate. Suffice to say a good night was had by all! The next morning I received a call from Peter Robinson, our chief executive, who asked where the trophy was. I told him it was on the bus. ‘Yes I know,’ he replied. I’ve just had a call from the depot in St Helens — the driver found it on the back seat when he was cleaning up! Don’t let the next one out of your sight!’

    That’s why I ended up taking the European Cup home to Kirkby a few months later. As for the game, a few things stand out. Our play was brilliant and it was the night Ian Rush announced himself as a star in the making. Even though he didn’t score, he was fantastic."

Other details

Manager: Bob Paisley
Opposition manager: John Lyall
Referee: Thomas C (Wales)
Attendance: 36,693
Half-time score: 2 - 1
Game number: 3567
League Cup game number: 65
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