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FA Cup 5th round

Anfield | Sat 17 Feb 1934 at 15:00

Liverpool 0 - 3 Bolton Wanderers

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  • Kopite Billy O'Donnell saw Liverpool lose 3-0 to Bolton in the 5th round of the FA Cup on 17th February 1934: „My pal, a little bloke he was, was dead keen fan of Gordon Hodgson. Loved him, he did, couldn't do wrong for him. Hodgson was playing that day with Sam English alongside him at centre-forward. This particular day, the Bolton defender must have said something to English because suddenly there they were, throwing punches at each other. So big Gordon Hodgson jumps in to seperate them and this Bolton defender starts having a go at Hodgson as well and pushing him around. My mate was furious. 'Hang on', he says to me, 'I'll be back in a minute.' I thought he was going off to the toilet or something. He said it quite casually. Well, off he goes, straight down the Kop, over the wall, on to the pitch and makes for Hodgson and the Bolton defender. It all happened so quickly. The next thing, my little mate's throwing punches at the big Bolton defender. Then a policeman comes diving on to the field, and my mate turns round and punches the policeman as well. 'Hang on a minute', he'd said. It was six months before I saw him again. He spent the night in the Bridewell and was in court first thing on the Monday morning. The magistrate gave him six months inside.“ (from Stephen F Kelly‘s KOP.)

Other details

Manager: George Patterson (2nd term)
Opposition manager: Charles Foweraker
Referee: Gibbs LE
Attendance: 54,912
Half-time score: 0 - 1
Game number: 1534
FA Cup game number: 121
LFC played towards Kop: Second half

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