Match details

1st Division

Anfield | Mon 1 Sep 1919 at 18:30

Liverpool 2 - 3 Arsenal

Opposition goals


  • - Average age of the Liverpool starting lineup: 28.63
  • - Liverpool league position after match: 7
  • - Arsenal league position after match: 8
  • - Click here to view the full league table after the match.
  • According to the match programme Miller scored Liverpool's second goal: "Just before the finish Miller was credited with a goal after a mix-up in the Arsenal quarters.“

    Liverpool Courier and Liverpool Daily Post disagree with that: Daily Post: "Liverpool came late on with a fine shot by Chambers, who caught the goalkeeper hard in the face, Pagnam smothering the ball into goal and thus completing the point.

    Liverpool Courier: "Chambers going through, and Williamson came out. The ball hit him on the head, and in the tussle which followed Pagnam piloted the sphere into the net.“

Other details

Manager: George Patterson
Opposition manager: Leslie Knighton
Attendance: 12,000
Half-time score: 1 - 0
Game number: 871
League game number: 768
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