Match details

1st Division

Anfield | Mon 17 Apr 1911 at 15:30

Liverpool 1 - 1 Woolwich Arsenal

Opposition goals


  • - Liverpool league position after match: 10
  • - Woolwich Arsenal league position after match: 12
  • - Click here to view the full league table after the match.
  • - Played also as a benefit game for Sam Hardy. The club and the Anfield crowd showed Hardy their appreciation: "Twenty thousand throats cheering the silent custodian to the echo. The band departed decorously, and the rival captains took the centre, Hardy proving fortunate with the coin, at which the generous crowd cheered again."

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Other details

Manager: Tom Watson
Opposition manager: George Morrell
Referee: Campbell TP
Attendance: 20,000
Half-time score: 0 - 1
Game number: 700
League game number: 613
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