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Eur. Cup Semi Final 2nd L

San Siro | Wed 12 May 1965 at 21:15

Inter Milan 3 - 0 Liverpool

Opposition goals


  • - Average age of the Liverpool starting lineup: 25.26
  • - Average age of the Inter Milan starting lineup: 26.16
  • Bill Shankly in his autobiography: "There was no joy at the match in Milan’s San Siro stadium. The Milan supporters had been told the fans at Anfield had been like animals because of the noise they had made when Milan had been sent out first and we then brought out the FA Cup. But what did they expect? We had got the cup for the first time and it was the greatest night of their lives. The crowd in the San Siro was really hostile. They even had smoke bombs, purple things in jars that went up in smoke when they burst. One of these landed on the steps and Bob Paisley’s clothes were covered in the stuff. Inter beat us 3-0 but not even their players enjoyed the game, and we didn’t think two of the goals were legal. They put an indirect free-kick straight into the net for the first, and the ball was kicked out of Tommy Lawrence’s hand for the second.

    Afterwards, the people were sweeping the streets with enormous flags and I said to our players, “All right, we’ve lost, but see what you have done. Inter Milan are the unofficial champions of the world and all these people are going mad because they are so pleased that they have beaten Liverpool. That’s the standard you have raised yourselves up to.”

Other details

Manager: Bill Shankly
Opposition manager: Helenio Herrera
Referee: Ortiz de Mendibil JM (Spain)
Attendance: 76,601
Half-time score: 2 - 0
Game number: 2654
Europe game number: 9
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