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European Cup 2nd R Rep.

Stadion Feyenoord | Wed 24 Mar 1965 at 20:15

Liverpool 2 - 2 Cologne

Opposition goals


  • - Average age of the Liverpool starting lineup: 24.76
  • - Average age of the Cologne starting lineup: 24.9
  • - The home and away games were both goalless and after a third draw, a coin-toss was to decide Reds' fate. Ron Yeats: "I got in first to the referee and said: ´I'll have tails.´ Lucky for me the referee said ok. Liverpool tails, Cologne heads. Up it went and christ didn't it stick in a divot. I said to the referee: ´Ref, you're going to have to retoss the coin.´ And he went: ´You're right, mr. Yeats.´ I thought the German captain was going to hit him. He was going berserk because it was falling over on the heads. He picked it up, up it went again, came down tails. We were coming off and who is standing there but Bill Shankly. I was first off the pitch and he went: ´Well done, big man. I am proud of you. What did you pick?´ I said: ´I picked tails, boss´. I was waiting for the adulation but he just went: ´I would have picked tails myself and just walked away.´

Other details

Manager: Bill Shankly
Opposition manager: Georg Knöpfle
Referee: Schaut R (Belgium)
Attendance: 47,862
Half-time score: 2 - 1
Game number: 2640
Europe game number: 7
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