Match details

1st Division

Anfield | Sat 24 Dec 1949 at 14:15

Liverpool 3 - 1 Everton

Opposition goals


  • - Average age of the Liverpool starting lineup: 28.42
  • - Average age of the Everton starting lineup: 28.1
  • - Liverpool league position after match: 1
  • - Everton league position after match: 21
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  • - Farrell scored after just 15 seconds as the Liverpool Echo reported: "This goal came after exactly 15 seconds’ play only three men touching the ball before it was in the back of the net. This was a sensational start to the league career at inside right to Farrell, and there is no doubt it was a winder shot which did the trick. From Wainwright to Powell and then Wainwright ran in inside-left to draw Hughes and four yards outside the penalty area slipped the ball square along the floor to his right for Farrell to run in at top pace and crack a glorious foot shot into the top corner of the net. Such was the force of the shot, which literally flashed by the driving Sidlow that it struck the iron net support and bounced right back into play."

Other details

Manager: George Kay
Opposition manager: Cliff Britton
Attendance: 50,485
Half-time score: 0 - 1
Game number: 1934
League game number: 1754
LFC played towards Kop: Second half
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