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By Leslie Edwards.

Christmas Eve, soccer, as I see it, for male adults will be something of a battle of loyalities. On the one hand they have that compelling meeting of Liverpool and Everton, at Anfield (and rarely have the sides had greater incentive to win) and on the other hand the family duties father is always expected to perform by long custom at this time of the year. I am not so naïve as to think Anfield will be empty today, but it is quite possible that the gates will not be closed, as they usually are on such occasions. Liverpool have brought in Ted Spicer and Jimmy Payne and positionally side is changed in four places because Lambert reverts to right back and Liddell to outside left. Everton rely on the defence which helped to beat Middlesbro’ last week and select their attack from Buckle. Farrell, Powell, Higgins, Wainwright and Eglington. Anyone trying to foretell, with certainly, what will happen is welcome to try. Ordinarily neighborly matches are difficult; with Liverpool losing two matches in succession and Everton winning last Saturday, the match is far more open than anyone could have envisaged, say, three weeks ago.

Good and Sporting
Once upon a time Everton and Liverpool meeting were fiery, contentious battles with no small “insult” ignored. Today we are surer of seeing good and sporting football because players at last realize that this is merely another League match and that putting each other in an expensive pastime. One never knows whose turn is next. Payne’s return will be acceptable to many, who felt that he should have been back as soon as he became fit again. The possibility of Farrell slaying in an inside-forward position, is valid because he has twice appeared there for Eire, and with success. Farrell’s style suggests, he is more of a forward than a half back, and if Mr. Cliff Britton decides to use him there he may be solving the problem of what to do about Farrell if Grant plays well enough to keep the right-half position. It would be a novel and effective solution. Whatever happens, it will be an interesting aperitif to three matches in four days with Fulham at Everton on Monday ad Chelsea at Anfield on Tuesday. If there is any faltering on the part of the League leaders they could be replaced by a number of teams. Since only four points spate the first from the seventh club in the table. Liverpool; Sidlow; Lambert, Spicer; Taylor, Hughes, Jones; Payne, Baron, Done, Fagan, Liddell. Everton; Burnett; Moore, Saunders; Grant, Jones, Lello; forwards from Buckle, Farrell, Powell, Higgins, Wainwright, Eglington.

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