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European Cup 1st R 1st L

Anfield | Wed 25 Nov 1964 at 19:30

Liverpool 3 - 0 Anderlecht


  • - Average age of the Liverpool starting lineup: 24.43
  • - Average age of the Anderlecht starting lineup: 23.93
  • Liverpool wear all red for the first time. According to Ian St John Shankly "thought the colour scheme would carry psychological impact — red for danger, red for power. He came into the dressing room one day and threw a pair of red shorts to Ronnie Yeats. 'Get into those shorts and let’s see how you look,' he said. 'Christ, Ronnie, you look awesome, terrifying. You look 7ft tall.' 'Why not go the whole hog, boss?' I suggested. 'Why not wear red socks? Let’s go out all in red.' Shankly approved and an iconic kit was born."

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Other details

Manager: Bill Shankly
Opposition manager: Pierre Sinibaldi
Referee: Baumgärtel G (Germany)
Attendance: 44,516
Half-time score: 2 - 0
Game number: 2616
Europe game number: 3
LFC played towards Kop: Second half
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