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Premier League

Stadium of Light | Sat 17 Oct 2009 at 15:00

Sunderland 1 - 0 Liverpool

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  • - Average age of the Liverpool starting lineup: 26.27
  • - Average age of the Sunderland starting lineup: 25.97
  • - Liverpool league position after match: 8
  • - Sunderland league position after match: 7
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  • - Javier Mascherano's, Yossi Benayoun's and Ryan Babel's 100th game for Liverpool.

    -Pepe Reina will never forget the beachball that played the biggest part in Sunderland's winning goal: "Even now, when I see replays of it on television, I cannot believe that it happened - even though I can't help laughing at the stupid, funny face I pulled after the ball went in. I have been asked so many times why I didn't just kick the beach-ball off the pitch as soon as it was thrown on, but I only realised it was right in front of me when Andy Reid crossed the proper football into the box and there it was. Even after spotting it, I didn't think it was about to play a part in one of the craziest goals in English football history. Darren Bent had a shot. I knew I had it covered - until the ball collided with the beach-ball and flew past me into the back of the net. My first instinct was to chase the linesman, because I knew that something wasn't right. I have to be honest though, and admit that I didn't know exactly what the rule was at that point. I was shouting at the linesman. 'You have to have seen that!' I screamed at him. But he told me the ball hadn't been deflected. 'You're f***ing joking,' I said. 'It was impossible not to see that. Either you are lying to my face or you think I am stupid.' He was adamant. 'No, no, no, Pepe. I am sure.' 'You have got to be taking the p**s. It's impossible for you not to see what happened. Are you telling me that the ball was not defected by the other one?' He was certain. "'Then you really are taking the p**s, then?' I replied. It made no difference. The goal stood. The beach-ball became the symbol of our season."

Other details

Manager: Rafa Benítez
Opposition manager: Steve Bruce
Referee: Jones M
Attendance: 47,327
Half-time score: 1 - 0
Game number: 5162
League game number: 4191

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