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FA Cup 6th round

Anfield | Sat 1 Mar 1947 at 15:00

Liverpool 4 - 1 Birmingham City

Opposition goals


  • - Average age of the Liverpool starting lineup: 28.13
  • - Average age of the Birmingham City starting lineup: 29.69
  • - Albert Stubbins scores one of the most famous goals in the history of Anfield. Billy Liddell set up his memorable goal. “We won 4-1 against Birmingham, and all who saw that match will never forget an amazing goal by Albert Stubbins. When I put the ball over it was going a bit off course, but Stubbins literally threw himself through the air to meet it with his head when parallel with the ground, about two feet above the turf. It went in like a rocket, giving Gil Merrick absolutely no chance, and Albert slid on his stomach for several yards on the frozen pitch before coming to a stop.”
    - The Daily Mirror on 03-03-1947 reported:
    A “SECRET” victory plan, which deceived thousands of fans who roared disapproval of their team’s tactics, won its creators a place among the Cup’s last four.
    “Give it to Fagan. Don’t forget Fagan,” yelled supporters as Liverpool’s outside right and captain stood idle by the touchline.
    For Fagan, so often Liverpool’s match-winner, could almost count on his fingers the number of times he touched the ball against Birmingham. Unknown to the fans was that this was all part of the Liverpool plan – that William Fagan himself helped to work out.
    “Even though it meant sacrificing the right wing, we knew Birmingham would have to watch Fagan, and decided to play down the middle for all we were worth,” revealed full back Ray Lambert afterwards.
    “With Balmer playing well up with Stubbins we always had a spare man in the centre.
    “Birmingham’s tendency to play their full backs wide apart had been noted earlier, and we knew there would be only their centre-half in the middle.” Everything went off as arranged – according to Liverpool’s view.

Other details

Manager: George Kay
Opposition manager: Harold Storer
Referee: Tedds G
Attendance: 51,911
Half-time score: 1 - 0
Game number: 1807
FA Cup game number: 142
LFC played towards Kop: First half
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