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FA Cup Semi-final

Villa Park | Sat 27 Mar 1965 at 15:00

Liverpool 2 - 0 Chelsea

Goals (Assists in brackets)


  • - Average age of the Liverpool starting lineup: 24.76
  • - Average age of the Chelsea starting lineup: 23.24
  • - Gordon Milne was the designated penalty taker on the day but didn't fancy the challenge of taking Liverpool's penalty: "It was one of those days when the ball is like a balloon and the goal shrinks. It was one of those pictures I had in my mind. Willie was next to me and I said: 'Willie, I don't fancy this.' 'No problem.'

    Willie Stevenson surprised everybody by stepping up, but his seemingly confident penalty was everything but: "I thought I was having quite a good game so I said: 'I'll take it.' The best thing about that was I meant to put it in the bottom right-hand corner, my right facing it, but my foot just slipped as I came to the ball and instead of going on the ground it went about six feet up straight back into the net. They are all great goals."

    From's documentary "Ee-aye-addio - 1965 and all that."

Other details

Manager: Bill Shankly
Opposition manager: Tommy Docherty
Referee: Smith DW
Attendance: 67,686
Half-time score: 0 - 0
Game number: 2641
FA Cup game number: 206

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