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FA Cup Final

Millennium Stadium | Sat 12 May 2001 at 15:00

Liverpool 2 - 1 Arsenal

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  • - Average age of the Liverpool starting lineup: 25.3
  • - Average age of the Arsenal starting lineup: 29.3
  • Jamie Redknapp had been out with a long-term injury but lifted the FA Cup on behalf of the Liverpool team as he explains on Sky's "A League of Their Own:" Before the game I wasn‘t going to do it. I had missed out all year and Robbie Fowler said: "You are the club captain and we want you to do it if we win it." I went: "Don‘t be stupid, no chance. It‘s not my time." Sami Hyypia was going to be captain on the day. Robbie came on the pitch after we had won the game 2-1. Robbie said: "Come on, you can do this!“ I said: "No, no. Honestly I don't want to do it. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Gerard Houllier going to Sami Hyypia. "You go. You are the captain. You go up there.“ I thought: Oh, really? I think I will do this! That‘s a true story. I thought, Houllier, you wanker! Have some of that!"

Other details

Manager: Gérard Houllier
Opposition manager: Arsène Wenger
Referee: Dunn SW
Attendance: 72,500
Half-time score: 0 - 0
Game number: 4683
FA Cup game number: 378
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